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  1. Mission Control

    I'm not here to prosthelytize social networking, if its not for you so be it, for others there is value and enjoyment and I'd hope the potential is much bigger than the fans helping push the interaction, be great to see something like the Penguins offer which surely was posted somewhere else here: http://penguins.nhl.com/club/page.htm?bcid=29935 But if a good number of fans with smartphone devces at the game can't have quality internet access it makes some of this effort moot. At MSG where similarly AT&T 3G service is bad (seems to be the case in most arena/stadium environments) I can jump on wifi via Optimum Online wifi service they broadcast (have to be a Optimum customer though).
  2. Mission Control

    I respect the Devils efforts to bring fans more into the fold and get them interacting online to further awareness and excitement for the team. The questions I've posed a few times directly to them and through other channels is that AT&T service is incredibly flakey at the Rock and makes interacting during the game a major headache. I'd love to post to Twitter and FB during the game but despite AT&T showing typically a have 3 or more bars of service and 3G internet (iPhone 4) most of the time nothing is happening. How about some wifi option or some boost in AT&T service in the Rock so we can actually use these tools they are preaching?