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  1. I am an NHL fan. My two favorite teams are the Wild and the Ducks though. I do enjoy all the teams. I just have problems with some players like Modano and the whole Canucks team.
  2. I like the boards here, I like the fans. You guys are the most decent Devils fans that I have met in my life. For that, I present you with two custom smileys. Hand made by me. and If you want anymore customized goalies, request them at my site. (click on signature)
  3. Ah i got you.
  4. It'd be nice to see him win it again and bring it back to Minnesota since we have nothing else to look forward to other than the UMD Bulldogs...
  5. Jamie Langenbrunner. My favorite Devil. Your playoff man.
  6. Hey I have been here off and on and its a great site. I enjoy it. But why did you change the header!? I thought it was great! Anyways, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to exchange buttons/banners and become affiliates. My site can be found at
  7. Looking for writers and image contributors!
  8. Just had to give up Damphousse didnt you!
  9. Eh? Hello? The Ducks didn't want to win the cup? And what makes Anaheim a hell hole and CAA a rose garden? I am tired of missing the playoffs and not having someone to root for in the post season. So fvck the Ducks. I am an NHL fan and even though I dont like Brodeur at all, I have to go for my fellow MN native Jamie L. So I figure WTF?
  10. I jumped off the Ducks wagon after the disappointing loss in the finals. Screw the Ducks.
  11. Hey guys. I was here a while ago and did the comical art of Kariya and Selanne? You might remember me. Maybe not? I am here to let you guys know of my new hockey site: Well actually my old site seeing as it USED to be a Ducks fan site and now I scrapped that idea. (good one eh?) Now its a ALL hockey from NCAA to NHL and beyond. Hockey topics will be uncensored, if you are a guy and want to post some hot women, go ahead. If you are a woman and want to post hot guys, go ahead. Just let us know that you have done it so we dont stumble upon it. We also got some hot chicks on the board and more are being posted soon. Check out the guest forum for more information. We could use some more Devils fans. Catch ya later and see you around this board. -Adam TheOne
  12. The North American Fantasy Hockey League will start it's hockey operations this weekend with a player exhibition game between a white and black squad. If you are already signed up, you will play. If you aren't signed up for the draft, you can still get into the action. Sign ups will stop on Friday afternoon at 2 PM CST. The draft will take place on Saturday night with the 4 GMs draft via MSN messenger. The player hopefuls will be looking for a spot on the East Coast Eagles, Minnesota Huskies, Tucson Cobras, and Las Vegas Wizards. Sunday will wrap up with a press day and player contract signings. You can find more about this festive weekend at 5 Minute Major.
  13. they are new. it was the first ever canucks logo. back on their blue and green unis.
  14. Need I say anymore???
  15. greatest game site ever...