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  1. Puck Nuts

    Puck Nuts #3 is now up. Listen in at: http://smodcast.com/pucknuts or on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/puck-nuts/id394128673 If you missed the Devils BBQ, this will be like you were right there.
  2. Puck Nuts

    Do it!! On another note, for any NJDev's member who has listened in or subscribed, THANK YOU for propelling us to the #1 Sports Podcast on iTunes. Who would have ever thought - an NHL podcast, a Devils Centric Podcast no less, in the midst of Football season being #1. Thank you!
  3. Devils Flash Pass?

    I was wondering about this as well. In the past, the Flash Pass was announced well ahead of the the regular season (late Aug, Early Sept) so season ticketholders could get it in time. This year no word. With the elimination of off-peak rates and no word from either the Devils or NJ Transit, this doesn't look good.
  4. Puck Nuts

    If she was going to LA from NYC, that was indeed Kevin. That was no Islanders jersey however. Kevin was wearing his custom made "Puck U" jersey created for his team for the 4th Annual Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament. The colors are to reflect vintage Oilers jerseys. Thanks to everyone for listening in on the inaugural episode. When Kevin is in town you better believe he will be on mic (as well as at any Devils home games), so please keep tuning in. New episodes will be up on smodcast.com and at iTunes every Tuesday. Please feel free to subscribe to the podcast at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/puck-nuts/id394128673 Thanks a ton - Let's Go Devils!!! --MING - Puck Nut