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  1. GDT: Devils @ Rick Flair's House (7 p.m., MSG+, WFAN)

    An ok 3 period but we were horrible in the first 40 min.... Horrible performance overall didnt enjoy the game... Better be better next game. We can see tonight that we lack an offensive superstar just to sparks our offense.
  2. Devils Wings

    Love kalinin too! Big body, can score and he is really versatile... 24 years old! Nice pick up. Shero did a great job so far even if we didnt make a big splash. Palmieri is a really good player even if is not a blockbuster superstar player. John Moore is a steal as a UFA signing. Stempniak are others under the radar signing.  Not impress by Tlusty so far but I will wait a little before evaluating his signing. Kennedy is ok, but i dont see why we sign him and dont play Matteau. Stefan need game, not only pratice in my mind.
  3. Good game by our Devils. Our first line played great... Henrique is so good with cammy a stempniak.
  4. GDT: Jew Jersey vs The Leafs- 7:30 PM

    Think the same thing. Ferraro is so good between the bench.
  5. Gdt Rangers at NJ @7pm

    I just love Palmieri. He is doing great with henrique and Josefson. I have to say, i always love Josefson, but he is really better since he is playong top 6 min. Hope that line will stick together. Zacha will be our next forward superstar. Really love what i saw. I dont know how the Devils could cut Blandisi so far. He is playing really well. Quenneville has a good camp to ( sadly didnt play last night)
  6. Gdt Rangers at NJ @7pm

    Gamecenter live is not working
  7. Gdt Rangers at NJ @7pm

    is it on gamecenterlive???
  8. Devils at Bruins in Providence GDT 7pm

    Quenneville is pretty good sonfar.... I believe he is an Henrique clone . So similar.
  9. Devils at Bruins in Providence GDT 7pm

    is it on nhl gamcenter live?   Bcause right now i cant watch...
  10. 2015-16 Training Camp Thread

    It's training camp.... He wont act like that all season long. I hope we can surprisethe NHL this year.
  11. Devils at Bruins in Providence GDT 7pm

    Just bought nhl net for the whole Year!!! Finish with those streaming site. Im excited for tonight.
  12. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    From what i saw, Quenneville was pretty good.
  13. Actually if he is not i'll buy gamecenterice... But want to make sure before spending money.
  14. Patrick Kane

    He is the most dangerous forward in the NHL. In the playoffs he is the best forward in the world. Cluctch shifty, e as everythin that our roster doesnt have. No way chicago trade him... If they do 28 0thers team will want him. We dont have the asset... Zacha+ severson+ a 1 round pick? We cant lose those asset right now. A 1 pick could become matthews, zacha is our only prospect who can become a star and severson could be the next niedermayer.
  15. Your Thoughts About: Pavel Zacha

    He is the only forward who has the potential to become a superstar player.