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  1. What about the Defense? Greene- Severson Moore- Lovejoy Merrill- Helgeson/Santini? We need to have 2 offensive duo. henrique- Hall zajac-palmieri seems fine personally my top 6 would be Hall- Henrique- Dsp Cammalleri-Zajac-Palmieri DSP brings physicality, net presence and grit to a fast and furious duo. I love him there. 3rd line Boucher or blandisi/Josefson/Bennett 4th Fiddler, Gazdic, Kalinin Maybe we will see Kalinin on the third since i like him a lot.
  2. Im fvcking nutts right now !!!!! fvck the fvck!!! offensive superstar.
  3. Love Taylor Hall but to be honest, love Larsson a lot....
  4. Didn't get my guys yesterday.... I hoppe we will be lucky today. I love Abramov a lot.... Would like to see a trade for a Forward...
  5. Alex Nylander has a better shot than his brother. But he is not as fast as William. Again both have a lot of ressemblance. I dont think he will be there at 11... Max he will go would 7-8 i think.
  6. Claude Carrier our former scout is now working for TVA SPORT... Look at his top 10.... He puts Laine at number 7 and he really likes Michael Mcleod....
  7. Not the most talented guy. He was playing top 6 role in Val d'Or and was a fans favorite because of his intensity and work ethic. He has some offensive upside, without being a skill guy. His passion for the sport and the ways he is involved in every match are his biggest asset. His skating abilities are good without being impressive. He is not affraid of the physical play.
  8. What I told you previously just happenned. Mandat confirm in the newspaper that he signs with Albany.
  9. I saw a lot of Gauthier games in Val D'or and i dont want him. He is not a skill player. He has size and strenght and that why he was good in the Q. He has a good shot. His effort is ok... Actually, he has a lot of Anthony Mantha in him. When it was the time to play against the big team like the Huskies he didnt step up. Guys like Perron and Timmo Meirs were all over him.
  10. Cool if some press are saying the same thing. So I wont have to tell sources to make it viable. I will keep you in touch if i have other details on Val D'or players.
  11. I cant tell you my source... Need to stay unanimous. But i can say that Mandat is negotiating with a couple of team, but New Jersey is the front runner. Again you dont have to believe me. Mandat is a 20 years old from the QJMHL. Was playing for Val Dor Foreurs. Pretty intense guy. Bring emotion abd live to that team. By far the fan favorite there.
  12. An ok 3 period but we were horrible in the first 40 min.... Horrible performance overall didnt enjoy the game... Better be better next game. We can see tonight that we lack an offensive superstar just to sparks our offense.
  13. Love kalinin too! Big body, can score and he is really versatile... 24 years old! Nice pick up. Shero did a great job so far even if we didnt make a big splash. Palmieri is a really good player even if is not a blockbuster superstar player. John Moore is a steal as a UFA signing. Stempniak are others under the radar signing. Not impress by Tlusty so far but I will wait a little before evaluating his signing. Kennedy is ok, but i dont see why we sign him and dont play Matteau. Stefan need game, not only pratice in my mind.
  14. Good game by our Devils. Our first line played great... Henrique is so good with cammy a stempniak.
  15. Think the same thing. Ferraro is so good between the bench.