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  1. Long live the Queen Bahahahaha
  2. This says it all
  3. Best day for the Devils in 5 years.
  4. Maybe we trade down?
  5. Not me And the NJ Devils Favorited my Tweet!
  6. Commercial are you kidding me?!
  7. omg top 3
  8. Here we go...
  9. Say NO-Valchuk. If this isn't a ploy, just sign and trade. good riddance ... again...
  10. I think so... we have finally asserted our place in the long-term depths of NHL pitifulness. It's official now after many years of denial. Sucking into the future we go.
  11. It's mercifully over.
  12. Not working hard, not using the body, not scoring, not going to be on a NHL roster.
  13. They should rest Schneider for next year and play Kinkaid more and move Josephine up to the 1st line. This will help.