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  1. I think so... we have finally asserted our place in the long-term depths of NHL pitifulness. It's official now after many years of denial. Sucking into the future we go.
  2. It's mercifully over.
  3. Not working hard, not using the body, not scoring, not going to be on a NHL roster.
  4. They should rest Schneider for next year and play Kinkaid more and move Josephine up to the 1st line. This will help.
  5. It's about time .. the Devils have placed Russian forward Sergey Kalinin, who turns 26 on March 17 and is on a one-year, $800,000 deal and is a pending restricted free agent, on waivers today. Kalinin, who has been centering the fourth line since Vern Fiddler was traded to the Predators on Feb. 4, has two goals and two assists in 42 games in his second NHL season. Prior to that, Kalinin played five seasons for Omsk Avangard (KHL). Kalinin logged 12:03 in Thursday’s 3-0 loss to the visiting Senators, including 1:31 on the penalty kill.
  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA This is a scenario that for the last 11 years has befallen other teams around the NHL, the ones that couldn’t depend on their goaltender and thus broke down repeatedly in their own end, if not all over the ice, in trying to cope with the uncertainty of never knowing when the puck would go in and from where. But not the Rangers, not since Henrik Lundqvist effectively claimed the No. 1 job in nets from Kevin Weekes midway through the Swede’s rookie 2005-06 season. Issues up front? The Rangers have had those, all right. Issues on the back end? Oh, boy, have the Rangers had their share of those. But in nets? Never. If there was one constant on Broadway, it was Lundqvist’s consistent excellence through which he infused his team with confidence night after night after night and allowed the Rangers to overcome deficiencies anywhere and sometimes everywhere else. Until now.
  7. Severson continues to make risky plays and when his shot is not going in or he is not assisting it's hard to swallow. The -24 is eye-opening. Verdict: Undecided.
  8. Yeah, what he said!
  9. #Hattrack The toothless wonder is back. This is good news.
  10. I am bumping this post to make a point. #hattrack
  11. Let's Go Devils!
  12. Wedgewood needs a new glove.. ...or something
  13. Always a favorite of mine. Thanks for the memories.
  14. That was a Lou-esque Choice