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  1. GDT: Buffalo Sabres @New Jersey Devils 7:00 EST

    i destroyed a franchise and i have a mustache like a pedophile.
  2. GDT: Buffalo Sabres @New Jersey Devils 7:00 EST

    loan him to the khl
  3. Elias on Kovalchuk

    that sh!tty elias with 2 points tonight.
  4. Elias on Kovalchuk

    yeah man i smoked pot why do you have a problem with that; how does that concern you? are you one of those people that live in california and go to that gigantic fraud of a church known as the crystal cathedral again you changed the scope of the argument. i mentioned game winning goals and you go on about the complete package. clearly crosby is the better player ,but that doesn't change the fact there are certain things called intangibles, and that some players handle pressure better.
  5. Elias on Kovalchuk

    i love how you think you are outing me. but to get to your question game on the line 2 - 2 in the 3rd i 'd take elias. just like i would take claude lemieux over mario lemieux.
  6. Elias on Kovalchuk

    another number for you 23 gwg since he signed his contract. do you know how many sidney crosby has in that time 17
  7. Elias on Kovalchuk

    stats prove otherwise over a PPG in the playoffs. as for the 6 million dollar contract i'm sure you'd find a certain club in pittsburgh would take him. the c was taken because sutter was a racist and when has he ever been moody?
  8. Elias on Kovalchuk

    so it went from invisible to game changing. i see man keep changing the scope of the argument to fit your needs.
  9. What is the future of goaltending for us?

  10. Elias on Kovalchuk

    invisible playoff time? 9 6 10 16 4 10 1 9 10 4 5 4 2 6 4 7 1 2 3 2 5 0 4 4 2
  11. Elias on Kovalchuk

    looks like you have a hard on for patty. he has sacrificed his whole career to play within the devils system and now that he gets off to a slow start you turn on him. why don't you hype up the leadership quality of jamie some more.
  12. Elias on Kovalchuk

    i'd simplify the d-game for him and assign him to shadow the left winger on every line he is up against.
  13. potential salary cap

    now that rolston is close to returning how much of his salary is going to count towards the cap?
  14. Elias on Kovalchuk

    elias is totally right.
  15. Hopefully We'll Only Be The Canes/Buffalo

    here is some positive news Tedenby finished with a goal and an assist and was joined by fellow Swede Alexander Urbom with a multi-point effort. Urbom, who had a pair of helpers and was a plus-2, is on a four-game scoring streak, accruing five assists. He is also a plus-4 during that span.