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  1. Thank you! Nice to see him back on the ice at least. Thx again.
  2. What a season... Hey guys, when is Jacob Josefson back? Or where can I read about the teamĀ“s injuries? Thanks!
  3. As a Swede its gonna be fun to see what Tedenby can do in the NHL. Ive seen him a lot and he sure can stir things up offensively with his great stick handling and speed. Maybe he should pass his teammates a little more though.. Get well, Jacob
  4. Weeiii, Mills, NOW WIN THIS!
  5. Thanks for the info, D. Did it look serious? Damn, that is so unlucky!
  6. Again, what happened to Marty?
  7. Looking at several games so Ive missed a couple of things. What happened to Marty? Big injury or what?! Tough to lose a nice lead, come on now Devils!
  8. Theres a lack of emotions in this team. They need to tackle more, fight more, CARE more. It feels like they just dont give a sh!t.
  9. This wont turn things around but - isnt Urbom worth another chance soon?
  10. Not even close!
  11. Yeah, what a terrible start to the season. Every game is a new chance to get something going though, lets do it tonight!
  12. Ok thanks guys. Ill check it out right now. Fk, that sucks Ma booooooooooyyyyyy...
  13. Are you serious?! Where can I read about this? Thanks.
  14. Is Jacob playing today?