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  1. My Kovalchuk jersey

    haha price is right rules
  2. My Kovalchuk jersey

    Does anyone want to purchase my Kovalchuk jersey? Its a full authentic with fight strap and has the "A" and stanley cup patch. If you want pictures I will email them to you.
  3. Kovalchuk jersey

    I believe exclusive pro charges $65
  4. Kovalchuk jersey

    I did have them do it and since my last name is Schneider I might as well get Schneider haha
  5. Kovalchuk jersey

    So I bought my Authentic Kovalchuk jersey and sent it away and got my stanley cup patch stitched on.....so do I still wear it or try and sell it? What do you guys think?
  6. -sold- 2 tickets vs. Montreal for sale

    Is that a suite?
  7. RUMOR: Devils interested in Dany Heatley?

    I hope this happens because bringing in a scorer cant hurt whats going on right now. Any of you can comment and rip on this but its disgusting how bad we are.
  8. It's time, bench the entire team.

    I think you're an idiot. We have injuries and and can't finish our chances. Chill out and go Devils!
  9. Birthday cake

    o did actually think of that
  10. Birthday cake

    I need some ideas of what my birthday cake should look like for next Sunday. Please give suggestions
  11. All Jersey Talk

    does anyone have an Authentic RBK Edge Devils jersey size 46 they want to sell?
  12. All Jersey Talk

    Everything is stitched on so it can be removed. Let me know what you may want to pay for it.
  13. All Jersey Talk

    i have a size 50 Parise Authentic RBK EDGE 2.0 jersey. Anyone want to buy it?
  14. where can I get an authentic jersey?

    Since NHL.com doesn't sell Devils authentic jerseys what is the best site to order one off of?
  15. The Cup Will Be Ours Again!

    you're forgetting 2001...."lost deep in the playoffs", 2002 we didn't "strike"