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  1. what draft picks? We forfitted them for Kovy! Maybe we can get a back-up goalie and sign him for 9 years

    1. KC Devil

      KC Devil

      u a Kovy hater?

    2. Martyisth3b3st


      Nah, he's just an idiot.

  2. just like my first wife... too little too late! Show me something Kovy.

  3. Hedberg to make start Saturday against Buffalo

    I think playing Marty again would be wise and playing Hedberg against the Rangers would be smarter. I know the classic rivalry but think that Hedberg in goal versus the Rags would make our defense play smarter. Then I could be wrong and see Hedberg lit up like swiss cheese.
  4. Petr Sykora Rookie Game Worn For sale

    Nice jersey, I wish I had seen it sooner. If you haven't sold it by late November, I'll probably be able to buy it and give you a little extra for having to wait.
  5. Delete

    unknown poster, Wait are you Ken who is Superjaypandolfo from Gameworn.net?
  6. Delete

    unknown poster, Would you consider $65.00 for the Travis Zajac stick? I know sticks were only $50.00 for a sticks this past year at the draft sale when I was there and that was for everyone from Salvador to Kovalchuk.
  7. Who was the First Devil & Best Devil You Met in Person?

    First Devil -Randy McKay in 2000 outside Continental Best Devil -David Clarkson, always smiling and willing to talk. Zajac is a close second. Worst Devil -Jay Pandolfo was awful on two meeting where he just signed and ushered me away after I asked him a quesiton.
  8. Since the lines are being juggled

    I think they should give Parise the Captancy. Langs has not been leader and does not speak up. All I see is crying from him. Langs looks mad a lot too, but it never translates into scoring or super hard checks. I am not even sure what his role is anymore? What is the worst that happens if we give the Captain to Parise? He sucks worse than he does now? Doubtful. Just as long as we don't copy Vancouver and give it to our goalie and he starts to suck.
  9. Pro-valchuk or No-valchuk?

    I don't think I could agree more. The Devils still haven't made the decision of who is going to have to sacrificed to the wolves because of all the injuries. We are still dealing with the deal because it isn't complete. Is there a Anti-'Chuk Army? We need a cool flag too!
  10. Pro-valchuk or No-valchuk?

    WOWSERS my first post! Wish it was to say that the Devils were on top. Devils management is to blame for the contract although I think he would be far better off somewhere else. Kovy's contract will forever effect the team and has done so already. People can blame other player's contracts, but management gave him what he wanted knowing full well where the team was with cap space. Kovy lacks intensity and is easily frustrated (let's not forgot he's dropped the gloves twice in less than 45 games to fight and what would've happened had he broken his hand?). I saw him whinning to the referees in a preseasong game about Avery. The Devils don't need this guy. If you don't think it is time to panic, you might be right. Last year the Hurricanes lost their first six games were never able to really recover despite some decent streaks. The Devils season might be in the same situation. Although we can say one game doesn't count ask the Rangers about one game last year and playing the Flyers. Ranger lose and they are off getting tee-times versus the Flyers who moved on should've beaten the Hawks. Kovalchuk has scored and does lead the team, but I expect more from a guy who is making this much money. He got the money so start scoring and really making things happens. Anyone who blames the defense and goaltending alone should take a look at the scoring. Scoring chances don't put numbers in the win column unless you score. A crossbar or post doesn't count.