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  1. 2008 Undrafted Free Agents

    I'm hearing that Matt Gilroy will not go pro this year, which must be a shocker to the dozen or so reporters that wrote about him bolting the minute his season ended, but not so surprising if you know him or his family. Maybe next year though. He'd look damn good on our blueline. However, if this rumor is false, and he does sign with someone other than the Devils, I'm gonna punch the guy that told me.
  2. 2008 Undrafted Free Agents

    I have seen almost every game Matt Gilroy has played at the collegiate level. I could talk about the kid for days. Instead, here's a video ---> Gilroy walks on to Stardom I should warn you though, Matty grew up an Islanders fan and they are also trying to sign him. Hell, he's the only Islanders fan I've ever met. And while he could certainly put on weight, don't expect him to get any bigger. I don't think his frame could handle it; he's built like Paul Martin. And of course, the Devils should go after Ryan Duncan of the Sioux, but St. Louis has the upper hand in signing him. There are also a pair of forwards from UNH, Mike Radja and Matt Fornataro, that are now available to be signed. And if we're gonna pick up another D-man, I'd like to give Colorado College's Jack Hillen a shot.
  3. GDT: Devils vs. Islanders, 9/26

    Now 4 - 0 . . . Gionta with his second 35 seconds into the 2nd.
  4. GDT: Devils vs. Islanders, 9/26

    Dubielewicz . . . for now Devs lineup: NEW JERSEY Goaltenders 30 Martin Brodeur 1 Frank Doyle Defensemen 6 Andy Greene
  5. Looking for '06 Training Camp Photos (Jordan Parise)

    You mean like this one? That's from Melissa Wade's Hockey Photography site.
  6. Chris Simon is a dirty mo'fo'

  7. Good article, the Devils are the perfect example of synergy. It's nothing we all don't already know, but it's nice to see that others can respect us as well. For Devils, it's a team game
  8. GDT: Youngstars Game & Skills Competition

    Brian Rafalski spent part of today greeting returning US troops in Dallas at the airport. It's a really nice gesture, Miller was there also, but I wonder if any of the troops actually knew who he was?
  9. Devils Make-a-Wish

    Right you are, the video is up on SNY's website.
  10. Devils Make-a-Wish

    NJ Devils are 8 year old's Make-A-Wish What a nice story, the kid even brought Gionta a birthday card.
  11. GDT 12/17/06: DEVILS @ RANGERS 7PM ET

    Brylin's performance earned him NHL.com's 1st star of the night . . . yeah, there were only three games, but still good for Sarge. I figured they would've given it to Brodeur with his 35 saves, so it's nice to see some appreciation for one of our role players.
  12. GDT 12/17/06: DEVILS @ RANGERS 7PM ET

    It was kind of weird not seeing Gomez light up the Rags at MSG . . . but at least our 2nd liners had a good game. Really wish Travis could have got on the score sheet more though. Parise played well, must be the family history at the Garden . . . plus his Dad and girlfriend were there so he was probably trying to show off.
  13. Game thread: Devils @ Boston 7PM

    I like this fourth line . . .
  14. Game thread: Devils @ Boston 7PM

    I wonder how the Bruins would feel if they were watching the telecast of this game . . . all they're talking about is baseball. . . I'd be pissed
  15. Game thread: Devils @ Boston 7PM

    Oh, he's real easy hate . . . big, dumb, disrespectful . . . he's a disgrace to his college coach's name I wish all TV's came with a special button to mute homer announcers but keep the sounds of the game