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  1. 2010 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Ok, you've said your piece, I've said mine. Baseball season is over. Get over it, and move on to Hockey. I'll have plenty of time to talk about the other NY baseball team and the fact they have 0 chance next year too in about four months.
  2. Rally to Restore Sanity

    The point of the rally was this... Too often in our society we see people reflected in the news holding rallies, and demonstrations demonizing politicians both on the left and right side of the house calling each other terrorists, nazi's, hitler, etc. They make outlandish claims about how this side is going to destroy America, or that side is going to destroy America. What Stewart and Colbert wanted to do is show that the way America is portrayed on the news is not how we are. They wanted to show we are not divided, that were are not racists, that we are not in a class warfare, that we do not believe our leaders are Hitler, or Stalin, and that we continue everyday to grind out our existances together... united. This should be common knowledge but unfortunately the waters have been muddied by our 24/7 news media conglomerates trying to fill time slots by injecting fear, and doubt into our minds and why? Because fear gets ratings. The rally to restore sanity was an effort to re-allign peoples perception of their society to what it actually reflects, and not what the news media wants you to believe it is.
  3. Rally to Restore Sanity

    How are SC and JS going to create jobs?
  4. 2010 Defending Champion New York Yankees Thread

    I was thinking the exact opposite. As a Yankee fan you should know the rallying cry. "Unless we win the world series the season was a failure". That was per the sentiment of the late George Steinbrenner. Thats not a fitting rallying cry for a team like the Marlins, or Rangers, or Indians, but it IS a warranted rallying cry for a team with a 200 mil+ payroll. You win it all or the season was a failure.
  5. 2010 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Why? Because I am abrasive? Because I don't stop before I post to consult the "political correctness", or "what to say so you don't hurt peoples feelings" dictionary? Tough. Nieuwy is a frontrunner plain and simple. I called him/her/it out on it. When you don't talk about your team all year long then proceed to praise them only after they've made the playoffs and won a championship you deserve to be called what you are.
  6. Rally to Restore Sanity

    I tuned into the rally online and was initially disappointed with 45 friggen initial minutes of music. I don't mind a song mixed in between the comedy skits but to start it with damn near an hour of music most of us couldn't care less about really ticked me off. The rest of the rally was great though. Had me in stitches.