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  1. His now ancient beef with Marty is the only thing still tying him to the hockey world. Kinda sad, actually, how difficult a time he has letting go.
  2. Adult D league at Floyd Hall Arena in Montclair. Would have stayed close to home at Codey, but they didn't have room.
  3. I once joked to my buddy after seeing a guy with an Andy Greene jersey that it's more likely this guys name was Greene and he had a personalized jersey made than him actually buying an Andy Greene sweater. I'm eating crow now. Good job by Greene proving us naysayers wrong.
  4. A good system can only get you so far. Put me in the camp that wants a top notch skill guy who can score goals. Boston, Blackhawks, Penguins, the Kings team that beat the Devils in the finals in 2012. Those teams had skilled scorers, grinders, and tough motherf##kers. Zajac, Ryder, Brunner ain't gonna be that guy. Jags is 40, Elias is close to it. Zubrus, Clowe, Carter , They're good at what they do but should be the guys that compliment the stars. Henrique is closest thing we've got to the player we should be going after but even he doesn't fit the bill. Josefson and Teddy are busts. You don't replace guys like Zach and Kovy by committee. 2012 was as close to a complete team the devils have had in probably a decade (add in a banner year by clarkson). Less is more does not work in today's nhl, especially when your the only one doing it.
  5. Wasn't able to see the whole game but what i did see was the devils playing their asses off. Maybe this is another second half team..Starting to come around on these guys. Or maybe Pete had a scantily clad cardboard cutout of the owners wife, a la major league. "The way I see if it's going to take x wins to win the this..."
  6. Grow up. He was a prick when he was in the league but now that he's "retired" who cares? The guy is straight, and I bet he pulls some pretty high end tail. And if he was gay (because if you're into the fashion business and a guy, then you must be gay, sarcasm) who cares there either?
  7. Well played, old man. Well played.
  8. Was talking about the retire/unretire thing.
  9. This is nothing like Farve. He turned into a joke with the retire/unretire multiple times thing. And you're right, his legacy as a player is with the Packers. The other nonsense with the Jets and Vikings is just that... nonsense.
  10. This. However, this could be a pre-emptive curtain call just in case a deal is made which means the feelers are certainly out there.
  11. Yeah, sorry. SIAP = sorry if already posted. It felt like a new rumor, from a legit source. I didn't comb through the 7 pages of you nerds arguing back and forth with each other closely enough to see if it was already addressed. Still think its the type of move the devils need to make.
  12. Make it happen, Lou!
  13. Ryan Clowe... oh wait, that was us. Dang.
  14. I'm all for trading him for a young scorer that makes the devils instantly and dramatically better. Only problem with that is, who would give up a young scorer for him? Only problem is I don't see any team giving up a young scorer for Marty. Devils should not pay the price for him not knowing when to say when.
  15. This. Trades typically work by giving something you have a surplus of in return for something you need. Hall for Henrique is like trading a steak for a hamburger. I have a lot good young defensemen but need scoring. You have scorers to spare, but are weak on defense. I give you one of my dman in return for one of your scorers. OR I'm trading you a highly paid player in return for some cap room.