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  1. Speculation on reason for no coaching change yet

    I personally would not expect anyone to come in here mid-year and do little more than add a bump to this teams record. The names on the market right now make Lemaire seem like a progressive in regards to coaching style. Unfortunately, one can't expect anything worthwhile to arrive on the market until after the season and though I, like most of us, are loath to give up on the season there are few if any quick fixes out there. Though I joined recently (thanks threecups), I'd have to say I was never in line for the MacLean hiring. Watching from a distance, there are coaches with an identity and coaches who push the old assessment that a little hard work and responsibility are the robitussin for any problem. Most years, the latter would be just the prescription for the problem, but this year the team is going through a transformation. The identity of the Devils is stuck somewhere between a defensive push the counter attack system and a fore-checking aggressive style, and please do enjoy my lack of hockey terminology. What I'm trying to say is that MacLean is the continuation of that which came before him, he has no identity of his own, no system. At a time where everything on this team seems to be going through a transition of some sort, it seems silly and almost foolish to have a coach who can provide no answers past "work hard" or "finish your checks." There's talent on this team, it just needs an idea to rally behind.

    It's later, Threecups. I thank you. I even joined the board to do so.