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  1. time for the daily "torn between the two" post seriously so torn though.. i used today to go back to Nico highlights- soooo explosive in transition
  2. that Judge catch just now... are you kidding me
  3. I live in Philly and am super close to that barcade.. definitely a fun spot!! My favorite has gotta be Rampage or Frogger- love just getting bombed and player that sh!t all night hahaha
  4. The celtics- nets trade might be the worst trade in the history of sports... seriously
  5. of course there will be some decline with Kovy.. but i'd take a sniper on this team on s/t deal either that or we trade his rights... Kovy saying that he might want to return to the NHL is only a good thing for this team
  6. i cant see this team passing on Nolan.. before the injury this last year he would've been unanimous #1... You cant teach size and he's a huge guy (Nico actually isn't small either) there is a part of me that LOVES the flashy player but i think you HAVE to discount the Q league Nico plays in
  7. love this team. don't even know where to begin.. a chance to sweep the defending world champs tonight? sign me up outside of Tommy Layne, this team is amazing
  8. haha you're telling me man.. ive been sitting in 4th most of the year with a garbage goaltending line of: 2.82GAA, .907 SV%, 0 SO lol.. and my second round pick was a goalie! crazy
  9. LETS GO DEVILS!! gonna really have to find some character to grind out the next month or two. keep the momentum going!
  10. UGHHHHHHHHH such BS. cant catch a break... but its true, could've been A LOT worse. such a brutal hit to a team that is really surprising the league right now. such a bummer! get well buddy!
  11. eh o well its all good
  12. ah ok she was at work so didn't really hear what the dude was saying.. so basically they're gonna try and sell her on a ticket plan?
  13. my sister just got a call from the Devils asking if she wants a tour of the locker room.. anybody else getting that call?
  14. not happy at all with this news.. gonna be refreshing these threads constantly throughout the day
  15. wtffffff... i need good news out of this asap... must.. stay.. calm..