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  1. wayyyyyy OT: but is anyone here from Edgewater? I was there this past weekend and that place is soooo nice
  2. thats a slippery slope of saying "sign in NJ because we're close to NY.."
  3. ill admit- i wouldn't have known the answer here
  4. fantastic offseason so far
  5. yea you HAVE to be thrilled with this contract. great news!
  6. WOWWW... this is awesome
  7. just you
  8. i cant believe Vern Fiddler is a real name
  9. well he's now traded away Seguin and Hall
  10. could you imagine if you added Hall and Shattenkirk to this team... awesome
  11. if you go for Shattenkirk just make sure you understand theres a risk that he leaves for nothing next year.. thats why im not giving up much for him
  12. careful.. isn't he a FA next year?
  13. unreal. this is an all-time move
  14. but shouldn't we look to replace Larsson's defense?
  15. the excitement of this trade is definitely carrying into free agency because its almost clear that Shero isn't done. what concerns me, though, is that i thought i saw a quote in the other thread how Shero said he's going to target an offensive Dman- which is scary considering its Larsson's defense that the team will be missing most