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  1. philly eh? im in ocean county but i am a phillies phan, later dude

  2. This 6-day break blowsssss

    1. AveryAssasin22898


      i agree, but at least we don't hear the excuse that they were not ready for the playoffs. I hate it because we are so hot right now, and I am afraid this might cool us off. I think we get Florida in six games.

    2. Onddeck


      haha i posted this last year

  3. Alright NJD.. wasnt pretty but its a W

  4. Big Blue still gonna come through ;)

  5. Stat exam at 9.. but this game vs. Edmonton is definitely more important to think about

    1. Dead


      Ace the Stat exam, and the devils will win 10033-1

    2. Onddeck


      shiiit does this mean i failed that exam??