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  1. nice dude! im technically in northern liberties, but definitely a lot of cool spots... i never get to barcade as much as i should though
  2. Hope you're right
  3. Absolutely, so bummed for them
  4. The WORST... I'm sure he's a great brewer himself too smh
  5. nice man, let me know how you like it! i also have really started to like Flying Dog brewery (Snake Dog IPA & The Truth imperial IPA)
  6. hahahah yea i went through and saw those posts, love reading our pre-lottery thoughts
  7. damn im actually off today, was hoping for some afternoon baseball... o well, breaking up the 20 straight games isn't the worst thing how about Sevy's gem last night?? BEAUTIFUL, DOMINANT. His slider was on point and generated 7 whiffs... but check this out, its not often you see a dominant performance from a starter using 3 pitches the whole night http://www.brooksbaseball.net/pfxVB/pfx.php?month=5&day=24&year=2017&game=gid_2017_05_24_kcamlb_nyamlb_1%2F&pitchSel=622663&prevGame=gid_2017_05_24_kcamlb_nyamlb_1%2F&prevDate=524&league=mlb his big thing last year was not having confidence in the changeup.. he went to it 15 times last night though. but having an arsenal of three pitches is probably why he's had trouble facing batters the third time around
  8. Oh who knows dude.. but I will say, with the amount of picks we have, I'd love to see the team package a few of them for something bigger
  9. I love Lagunitas.. my favorite might be the Lil Sumpin! I was never a hoppy beer guy but that's pretty much all I drink now
  10. time for the daily "torn between the two" post seriously so torn though.. i used today to go back to Nico highlights- soooo explosive in transition
  11. that Judge catch just now... are you kidding me
  12. I live in Philly and am super close to that barcade.. definitely a fun spot!! My favorite has gotta be Rampage or Frogger- love just getting bombed and player that sh!t all night hahaha
  13. The celtics- nets trade might be the worst trade in the history of sports... seriously
  14. of course there will be some decline with Kovy.. but i'd take a sniper on this team on s/t deal either that or we trade his rights... Kovy saying that he might want to return to the NHL is only a good thing for this team
  15. i cant see this team passing on Nolan.. before the injury this last year he would've been unanimous #1... You cant teach size and he's a huge guy (Nico actually isn't small either) there is a part of me that LOVES the flashy player but i think you HAVE to discount the Q league Nico plays in