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  1. haha you're telling me man.. ive been sitting in 4th most of the year with a garbage goaltending line of: 2.82GAA, .907 SV%, 0 SO lol.. and my second round pick was a goalie! crazy
  2. LETS GO DEVILS!! gonna really have to find some character to grind out the next month or two. keep the momentum going!
  3. UGHHHHHHHHH such BS. cant catch a break... but its true, could've been A LOT worse. such a brutal hit to a team that is really surprising the league right now. such a bummer! get well buddy!
  4. eh o well its all good
  5. ah ok she was at work so didn't really hear what the dude was saying.. so basically they're gonna try and sell her on a ticket plan?
  6. my sister just got a call from the Devils asking if she wants a tour of the locker room.. anybody else getting that call?
  7. not happy at all with this news.. gonna be refreshing these threads constantly throughout the day
  8. wtffffff... i need good news out of this asap... must.. stay.. calm..
  9. well i caved and finall bought nhl.tv.. watching the first non-sh!tty stream game LGD!!
  10. Kinkaid in net tonight https://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/njd-vs-buf/2016/11/11/2016020206#game=2016020206,game_state=preview LGD!
  11. eh im pretty on the fence here.. im not as angry about him leaving as many here are- him retiring actually saved the Devils a ton of money (i believe his contract was back-loaded). obviously our team has been starved of offense since he and Parise left so i wouldn't say no on a one-year deal. The thing with Kovy is, is that he was great because he was a sniper- thats one of the skills that translates best with age.
  12. just gotta hope they whole crowd isn't talking about it as the results start coming in. im preferring to seclude myself in my home, away from any other human being
  13. ehh.. but the guys in front of me followed it up with ".. Crosby watches!" so i was afraid it was even growing lol i couldnt do anything besides try and drown them out with a well-timed "LETS GO DEVILS" and then shake my head
  14. Brought my dad to this one and was so stoked to see a W- and an exciting one for sure. I won't say anything about the game that you guys definitely saw on tv, I'll just comment on the arena atmosphere I enjoyed every part of the atmosphere except the same thing I've always had a problem with. the "Rangers suck, flyers swallow" chant is the single most embarrassing chat in sports. I cannot believe these ppl think they are being edgy or insulting using the same terms I used in the 6th grade. I was sitting directly behind two guys who gave me serious second-hand embarrassment so pathetic
  15. It's early but uh this place is DEAD so far