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  1. I take the Train and on Devils game nights it is packed with Red Jerseys. Huge crowd in Penn Station heading in as well.
  2. I believe the song you are looking for is "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratelli's
  3. There is an update to the SB Nation article that has updates from ascap. They agree the suit is without merit unless the devils are using the video in a television advertisement.
  4. Red is $92
  5. I sit directly across from 106 in the lower bowl (Section 21) I was looking forward to seeing you guys there and was amazed when i looked up just before the game started and it looked like all of 107 and 106 where in red. Like a big red blaze in the stands. Very impressive. Then... the game started. It was so much easier to get the fans around me cheering "Lets go Devils!" with the good lead in from above. Great job guys! Nice to hear you called out on the PA too....
  6. Truly a joke in the Verizon tower. We waited to the point that people had to walk backwards on the escalators as the lobby was full. Three people in slow motion giving out hats. There where easily 2,000 plus people trying to get out standing there only to find out there were no hats. They were calling for extra security because they were afraid of the crowd. truly pathetic end to a sad night. Worst managed give away I have ever seen.
  7. They certainly didn't make much on concessions. When we got up after the first period all the concessions where already shut down.
  8. While I won't second guess the call to postpone, that was an insane storm! We left after the second period. We knew the buses where shut down so we walked through Gateway to get the light rail to Broad st. The light rail trains to broad street all got stuck in the snow. They had us (big crowd on the platform) all get on a train that went underground to Military Park and told us to walk down Broad Street to the station. Easily a 40+mph head wind, zero visibility, and deep snow that was hard to walk in. Not an experience I would want to repeat. There where families with kids, older people etc. It was really crazy.
  9. one of the boards had us interested in Anders Lindback from Nashville. And I thought we where shopping for defense? So many rumors flying, sounds like Lou is tuning up for moves, can't wait to find out what the real story is..
  10. Coaches don't matter that much in the NHL? Really? Does anyone remember how bad the Flyers where in the beginning of last year? They changed the coach, went on a tear, snuck into the playoffs on a shootout goal, and darn near won the Stanley cup! I certainly remember playing against them in the first round. (Wish I could forget...)
  11. 4 Wins at home in a row and 3 out of 4 made it hard for me to give a D so I went with C. No upgrades till we start finding the net on a regular basis.