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  1. Devils Fans (need a little help)

    http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=43hvj2e2 thats the website.. mybad
  2. Devils Fans (need a little help)

    Hello fello devil fans, I was wondering if u guys could give me a little help... by just clicking this website http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=43hvj2e2 it will show a number spelled out and give u options of numbers.. just click the number of the number spelled out like for EX: it will say Eight... then u find the number 8 and click it.. but i would really appreciate it if u ladies and gentlemen will help me.. thank you P.S. you dont have to join the war (ull know wut i mean when u see it)
  3. Riverrats

    What About Pihlman and Cole... Pihlman,Foster,Suglobov and Pikkarainen have been bery impressive in camp. if i was them i would start ahonen most of the time instead of going every other game
  4. Devils Player

    Ok ive been a devils fan since i started watchin hockey when i was 5. And the Key for the devils have been to have physical players. Not players that were so much big but players that just went all out and nailed somebody. Peluso,Mckay,Holik did it. My problem lies with Mike Rupp. This kid is 6'5 230 and should be friggin hitting people. He is like a butterfly. He doesnt hit. When he tries to he just falls down. I was at the last Devils/Rangers game and i saw Rupp get tossed around like a ragdoll. He cant stay planted in front of the net. People can move him easily. He will be a better overall player if he just gained sum upper body strength. I think he is the biggest skill player the devils have ever had. he just cant stay on his feet. anywho... i just hope he gets stronger cuz it will help the devils out Tremendously
  5. Devils Prospects

    I dont quite understand. He is reasonably young being born in 81 i believe. He is not that small being 5'10. And last year he dominated the OHL with 112 pts. So he has to have skill. I mean the OHL isnt the AHL or NHL but he should have been kept to play with albany. I just hope another Brandon Nolan incident happens where they send him back to the OHL and then have some1 draft him next year or the year after.
  6. Devils Roster

    So what will happen to the young guys on the team.... you think any of the young guys will make it especially since stevenson is out... Hale and Martin will prolly go down being that the 5,6,7 dmen are brown,Giroux,Albelein
  7. Devils Prospects

    What is the Deal with the devils sending... Chvatal Kadeykin Tenute Vrana other than albany... i dont understand.. u want them to play and gain experience.
  8. Question

    Personally... Get one of Ahonen... Marty wont be around forever... and Ahonen is sure as hell gonna be the next devil starter. I love Marty just as much as the next guy. But great things dont last forever. So I would get Ahonen if ur looking to get it of a player
  9. Riverrats

    New Faces at Albany... Matus Kostur- G Matt DeMarchi - D Phil Cole - D Maxim Balmochnykh - LW Ryan Murphy - LW Ahren Nittel - C New Faces Going to Albany... David Hale - D (With the Exceptional play of Sean Brown, Ray Giroux, and Tommy Albelein ... most likely will be in albany) Paul Martin - D (Same as Hale) Tuomas Pihlman - LW (big surprise in New Jersey.. Big foward likes to use his size) Ilkka Pikkarainen - RW (can also play Defense if need be.. good puck handling skills) Aleksander Suglobov - RW (Better Talent than Berglund little less pesky) if you ask me... i believe albany should get rid of all there older defensemen such as mettucci. i believe that they should let the younger guys play to gain more experience. They will have a good Defensive core. With Hale, Martin,DeMarchi, and Cole... they should pull up Kadeykin and Chvatal.. who are 2 very young defensemen on the rise. There goalies should be much better this year. Ahonen came into camp ready to play. Clemmensen has improved since last year. If albany really wants to go places this year they should only go with one goalie and that should be Ahonen. They will do much better like this. The fowards are a different story. They should call up Joey Tenute who had 112 pts in the OHL last season. they should leave some experience such as darby and kariya but other than that let the young guys go. I would have kept Vrana to play in albany. This is a developement league so there should be no reason to have players older than 28 on the roster. My Projected for this years team line-up is like this... Ahonen Martin/Hale DeMarchi/Cole Uchetov/Redlihs Pihlman - Darby - Kariya Pikkarainen - Foster - Suglobov Hartsburg - Guolla - Johansson Clouthier - Nittel - Murphy