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  1. Devils Generals

    New Posts up from the Generals on the DevilsArmyBlog.com (official devils generals blog) New Jersey week in review 4-0 since All-star Break http://bit.ly/ww2YTO or http://devilsarmyblog.com/2012/02/06/week-recap-new-jersey-making-points-count-against-top-eastern-conference-teams/ Comment Away! Thanks
  2. Devils New Identity

    Yeah thanks guys, The quote was from pre-game interview and again repeated on TV during an intermission saturday in Winnipeg.
  3. Devils New Identity

    Here are a few thoughts about the devils under Deboer: http://devilsarmyblog.com/2012/01/18/just-a-thought-the-devils-are-creating-a-new-identity/ What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment on the blog too
  4. Elias's 1000th game 1/6/2012

    Check out an article about Elias' 1000 game from the Generals! http://bit.ly/wHD3wI Follow us @devilsgenerals on twitter for game coverage tonight, discussions and of course your #Devils1stgoal guesses... more possible prizes for winners!
  5. Adam Henrique NHL ROTM

    Article I wrote for the Generals: NHL named our own #njdevils Adam Henrique Rookie of the month: http://bit.ly/v17w9T Check it out, comment etc... Thanks, Happy New Year! Thefansvoice
  6. Scott Niedermayer Appreciation Thread

    Get your FACEBOOK BANNER from the Generals" http://devilsarmyblog.com/2011/12/16/scott-niedermayer-27/
  7. Player of the Week

    Vote for last weeks player of the week 12/4-12/10 http://devilsarmyblog.com/2011/12/15/player-of-the-week-dec-4th-dec-10th/
  8. Player of the Week

    Player of the week for 11/28-12/3 Johan Hedberg http://bit.ly/srBk8S
  9. Player of the Week

    Vote for your Player of the week from the Generals at http://bit.ly/rSFwin Thanks
  10. NBA in New Jersey

    Hey, we are having a contest amongst the generals for who can get more likes for this page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/NBAinNJ But it would be good for the Rock and the Devils because Devils Entertainment run all events at the Prudential Center. The prudential center is currently the 5th most active arena in the country. With a permanent Basketball team, it could become the top arena in the country. Shaq is also behind this and spreading awareness. I personally don't watch basketball but it would be nice for New Jersey to have a team in another Major League Sport other than just NHL. Considering the JEts and Giants are technically NY. Thanks
  11. Devils Generals

    New post up on the Devilsarmyblog.com, thanks to Jaime and Steve, we have a new segment called Feeding an Army. We will post information about surrounding food and bars near the rock that are enjoyable before & after the games. Check it out: http://bit.ly/rFwl7N Thanks
  12. Devils Generals

    Tonight at the Rock vs San Jose, the organization and the NHL fight cancer check out the article from The Generals here http://bit.ly/qorvCN I personally think it's nice to see the NHL doing such a strong promotion for a good cause. It's own of the few that every NHL team is on board. Devils organization joining this tonight. Thanks
  13. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Nashville Predators

    Wrote a game recap and op ed piece about tonights W, Check it out: http://devilsgame.blogspot.com/2011/10/new-jersey-devils-forecheck-gets-it.html Let me know what you guys think. Agree or Disagree just fun debates! Thanks thefansvoice
  14. From the Seats

    I found this interesting website, Its kind of cool, its more popular for MLB, but you can upload pictures and comments about your seats at the Rock to help other fans know the value they are getting. Its an interesting website, thought everyone might be interested in filling in the various sections at the Rock. http://www.fromthisseat.com/index.php/nhl/new-jersey-devils Thanks
  15. Devils Generals

    We are trying to bring fun articles and information to all the fans. Here is one of the latests Recent Fan Interview with Zach Parise. This interview was done by Chrissy Baptista. Check it out here. http://bit.ly/prRGz3