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  1. Sid Crosby has as many points as we have goals.
  2. I'd change your initial post to Don Lou or God knows what will happen!
  3. The last time Islanders won by 4? Against us on January 18th...
  4. I'm not an alias of anyone...
  5. What an absolute joke. I genuinly do not know why I stay up for these games. Every man in a red jersey ought to be thoroughly ashamed of the performances they have been putting in.
  6. Devil's fan from London (UK, not Ontario!) here. Followed the Devils fully since the London Racers folded in 2005 after playing as us from NHL2001 onwards, but only just got around to registering. Tune in to most games I can online. Currently in my final year of a History degree at the University of Leicester. So hello all!