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  1. RIP Dave.
  2. I like Rock N Roll pt. 2. I have so many memories growing up celebrating that song. I think the "You Suck" at the end is beyond stupid... If there was an alternative I'd be for it, but nothing seems to do as well.
  3. Only a few streets had flooding in certain areas... if there were to build over the train station as planned I don't think this would have been a problem. And "Ranger Country"...the whole area is ranger country.
  4. Anyone else wish they should have build the arena in Hoboken. The town is filled with people people 18-35 years old with decent jobs who would be steps away from the arena, and the PATH and NJTransit rail (light and regular) have hubs there... Driving would have been tougher than Newark, but the town is great and would have been so much cooler to go out before an after games in that town.
  5. I counted at least 8 "Sharp angle shots/tries" I can't take it. like 2 of the shots were Sharp Angle. STOP CANGY!
  6. I broke my clavicle playing hockey. I'm not a professional athlete but it took me 8 weeks to go back on the ice.
  7. Look on getty images...
  8. I've been saving some original formula Four Loko for an occasion like this. I will be amped up. GO DEVS!
  9. The post is by far the worst paper in NYC. Not even worth the 25 cents the charge....or whatever it costs now.
  10. Chico and Dano are both color guys, don't think they could keep up with/build suspense with their commentary. Daneyko is a great one I have to say. Hope he gets a chance to do color for NJ eventually. I hope Thorne comes back. He has a great voice, and is pretty exciting to hear. His insight and detail in his game calling isn't on the level of Doc's but I'd still like him.
  11. Hoboken Mayor gave an automated call telling people to leave for the weekend. I'm getting my car to a garage... NYC subways flooded 2 years ago pretty badly from like 2 or 3 inches of rain...4-8 with a surge I think would do the job Satans... Ever ride that Earthquake ride at Universal?
  12. All over a political pissing contest. Pathetic.
  13. I got in pretty early. There weren't many gloves or other gear besides sticks. They had a good amount of shoulder pads...and huge bulky pants. Also had a fair amount of skates...some without chassis. There were plenty of sticks and it was fairly organized until someone knocked over half of them and people were on there knees just digging like animals. I just looked for the s19 logo... Overall I think they did as good of a job as they could have...only thing that pissed me off was that kid hoarding and reselling Kovy sticks..what a dick move.
  14. I've already read from multiple sources that water boarding played an "insignificant role at best." Im not sure if you are pulling a Stephen Colbert and being satyrical but your view is an extremely warped sense of reality. GWB started the 2 wars over there, but shifted focus from Bin Laden a few years in saying he didn't care about him... Do you deny that? Barack specifically said in his campaign he would make catching Bin Laden priority #1 and look in Pakistan. He did exactly that. I'm not a democrat or a brainwashed Obama-nite but you are changing reality to fit what you want to be true; and I'm not sure you can recognize that. Or maybe you were just being sarcastic...I hope you were being sarcastic.
  15. The Palin thing was tastless and stupid but nothing linking him to her. Guy was probably just mad at the world and crazy.