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  1. Really don't understand this one from Ottawa's perspective. I like Zibanejad a lot, so it will suck to have to root against him. On a more uplifting note, this is the first NYR trade I've seen recently that reflects the notion that their window has closed. Also, to put something in perspective, people were talking about swapping Larsson for Zib not so long ago. Look what each player brought back.
  2. Today's a day that we will really miss TG.
  3. I actually really like those lines, but I would probably switch Bennett and Boucher to start. And even then, Blandisi probably takes Boucher's spot anyway. I agree that the Josefson-Zacha line is interesting. It's worth trying JJ at wing to see if there's any more offense there. Regardless, I would be pretty happy with these lines on opening night.
  4. I like Pirri, but I'm not sure he's a good fit for the team. I am definitely on board for a short term Hudler contract, but I'm sure he's looking for something somewhat long. Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't been signed yet.
  5. Still hoping he finds that offense somewhere, but we can't make excuses forever! Glad he's back.
  6. Janne Kuokkanen/Dmitri Sokolov in the second/third round please! Not a huge fan of this pick. I felt that Chychrun probably was the clear BPA here (followed by a serious drop off), but I guess I'm more frustrated that none of the teams in positions 1-10 reached or made a stupid pick. Can't blame the scouting staff much for this one, it's more just an unfortunate situation. Hopefully Castron strikes gold in some of the laster rounds.
  7. Jost ahead of Matthews? I admittedly don't know as much about this draft class as you do, but I was under the impression that Matthews and Laine were pretty close as far as shot goes. Also, what are people's opinions on Chychrun? Many people aren't so high on him anymore and I was wondering why.
  8. Well, he was often ranked in the top 10 (both NA and international players) early in the year, presumably before the shoulder injury. He was way ahead of Rubtsov early on. While it's certainly valid to think that he has regressed due to his somewhat disappointing point production this year, it could have more to do with this nagging injury that is likely to be resolved by next year. With that said, I don't think this guy is on Kovalchuk's level, but he seems like an intense player, and someone with a similar playing style. I have no idea how he is defensively, though.
  9. I hope the Devils take Sokolov at 41 (or in the 3rd round if he is still available). I saw this article (posted below) that was saying that he played most of the season with an injured shoulder, and still put up decent OHL numbers. This was also his first season in North America, and he led his team in points. Sokolov seems like one of the few forwards in this draft after the top 3 that seems like he has superstar potential. If you look up old videos of him, he looks incredibly skilled, and plays a game similar to Kovalchuk. His shot is something that the Devils could use in the near future.
  10. That would be a total dream come true if the Devils could pull something like that off. Puljujarvi would make the future of this team look much better. Hopefully Shero is investigating it at the very least, but it would certainly take a lot for that pick.
  11. HUGE NEWS!!!
  12. If that's the case, I have no idea what Colorado's game plan is. What do you think of Jost? Is Keller a significantly better option?
  13. A Laine vs. Matthews final would be great!
  14. Devils definitely need to make a move for Nichushkin if he is available from Dallas. Not sure if we have the right pieces to offer, but I hope Shero tries to work on something. Also you guys are right, it was Nichushkin that Jagr was talking about.
  15. 2 wins from the Caps is certainly doable. I wouldn't count them out just yet!