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  1. The idea that Schneider doesn't steal any games is absolutely not true. It's just that most of the games that he has stolen have been meaningless games, but that isn't his fault. He is the main reason that the Devils were not in Matthews/Laine range last season. The fans that were on board for a tank last season were almost frustrated at him. I agree that this season, there haven't been as many games where he has been on that level. If you ask me, I would take a goalie who is FIRST ALL TIME in save percentage than someone who is slightly above average and is known to get a 40 goal shutout a couple times each year.
  2. 70 points per year certainly isn't anything short of impressive, but why is it that everyone is saying Patrick won't be anything special? I haven't been following this draft's prospects as much as previous years', but this has me curious, since Patrick has performed quite well prior to this season, and has been great since coming back from injury. Nolan Patrick has been a top player in the WHL for two years now (and was still one of Brandon's better forwards three years back, at 16 years old). Last year, his production rate was similar to that of Mathew Barzal. Numbers don't tell the whole story, but Patrick has performed better than John Quenneville (on the same team) since his start in the WHL. And JQ has had an impressive first pro season (better numbers than Henrique so far, at a similar age). Lots of translations between different players and different leagues there, but I think the logic still stands to some degree. Hishier would be great for the Devils as well, but I really think that if the Devils won the lottery this year, it could be huge for the team's future.
  3. Also, it's still pretty early. It took quite a while before Laine separated himself (with Matthews) from the rest of the pack last year. I do think Patrick is being underrated for the most part, but admittedly, I haven't followed many of the other prospects.
  4. Zacha has played pretty well. JJ would be a pretty solid player if he could score. I'm one of the bigger JJ defenders, and even I was quite frustrated a couple times tonight. SMantzas always knows when the Devils are about to lose.
  5. If anyone on this team, it definitely should be Hall. An argument could be made for Zajac, but Hall is the best player on the team most nights. Henrique and Palmieri would be terrible choices, given their performances this year.
  6. I really hope Zacha isn't benched for that boarding call. Definitely should not have been a major, but I can see Hynes punishing him for that.
  7. Thanks fiesty! It's good to see Quenneville putting up points like that in his first year as a pro! Hopefully he's the real deal. Big opportunity for Blackwood to be the starter in Albany while Wedge is out. Let's hope he can get some good games in.
  8. Gonna be an ugly one
  9. Currently 2nd in points in the KHL. While past his prime, he certainly still has it to some degree. I would take him back on this team. We will never know the full story regarding his retirement.
  10. It feels so strange to have a player like Hall on this team again! Nice heads up play there by Bennett.
  11. Hall has 44% of the team's goals now
  12. Thanks, fiesty! Sissons looks like a solid signing! Surprised he went undrafted, actually.
  13. Hall-Zacha is going to be something special
  14. Other than Speers as the 1st line RW, the lines Hynes is trying look okay to me. I really would like to see Santini get a game. It doesn't make sense to keep him as the 7th D when he could be getting professional experience in Albany.
  15. What do people think of Yakupov? I admittedly haven't seen much of him since his first season or two, but I would have definitely liked to see him have a shot with NJ. I agree that he may have been a good winger for Zacha in the long term if he were able to turn it around. Seems highly unlikely that Chiarelli would deal another first OA pick to NJ after the reaction to the Hall trade, though. Pretty solid move from the Blues' end.