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  1. GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM

    I assumed the Santini situation was a roster move so that Appleby could be called up due to Schneider being unavailable. Was more said about it potentially being a more long term move?
  2. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    What are you referring to here? To those that say Zacha never dominated at the junior level, have you watched any games of him at that level? Or is it just a matter of looking up some stats to see that his p/g number was not very high. I agree that the numbers should have been better, but he was really good in juniors, both offensively and defensively. And I don't mean good in a Reid Boucher kind of way. He was the type of player to take control of play. I think the low points totals is more a matter of consistency issues, which I think he is working on. Just look up some highlights and you'll get an idea. He was scoring all different kinds of goals, using speed, physicality, and that powerful shot he has. He's got this excellent skill set that really isn't coming together at the NHL level yet, but you really do not want to give up so quickly. Also, his line was awesome in the Flyers game, creating a bunch of chances. They didn't get the bounces, but to say that he has been unimpressive or not shown much isn't fair with how he has played recently. Also, I think Barzal would be a Devil if it weren't for the injury that shortened his draft season. He was not as dominant as he could have been as a result of the injury. A lot of people wanted the Devils to select him, it was not just a few. I think the Devils took the cautious route by taking Zacha, given that he has all the tools to be a great player despite a slightly underwhelming first season in North America. It seems that Barzal's injury may have raised some red flags. I remember hoping for Barzal up until the time of the draft, when I also felt like Zacha was the better choice. I guess it's good that I'm not the one who replaced Conte. In any case, it's not like we took Dylan Strome in that draft.
  3. GDT - Devils vs Flyers 1/13/18

    When is the coaching staff going to do something about the powerplay? Zajac really should not be on the first unit, and probably not the second unit either. You want a guy for faceoffs, but that's what Boyle can be used for, and he can actually be effective in front of the net. I'd like to see them go with something like: Hischier-Boyle-Johansson Butcher-Hall and Zacha-Wood-Bratt Palmieri-Vatanen Also, I thought Zacha's line was pretty good. Not sure where all the hate is coming from, but they seemed to outplay their opponents for most of the game. If he and Wood keep playing like that, they'll score some goals. While I'm still a big fan of Schneider, and definitely not one to criticize his play often, it does seem like a while since he has had a really strong game. He'll have to have a few with this busy month we have ahead of us.
  4. Congrats Taylor!

    Gotta love that tweet! I'm sure the actual role of a captain is overblown by fans, but it all just seems like too much of a fit for Hall to not be the team captain at this point, especially with all the changes Shero has made to the team since coming on board. I get that you don't want to strip someone of captaincy just because someone better came along, but Greene has hardly played well at all this season. Taylor can continue to amp up players, tell them how they could be doing their jobs differently or better, get in the ref's face over a weak call, and do anything else that a captiain does, with or without a C on his jersey. But I think it would mean a lot more to him and to the rest of the team if the guy steering the ship actually had that C.
  5. Half Season Discussion

    Boeser and Barzal seem to be the consensus top two rookies this year according hockey writers, but I bet any Boston fan could not be happier that they have McAvoy over either of those guys.
  6. Half Season Discussion

    You're living the dream, my friend. What an awesome memory.
  7. GDT: NJ @ NYI 1:00 Barclays

    We are so lucky to have Hall. The guy is a total machine, and playing better than ever. I thought the trade was an absolute steal at the time, but he's making Shero look better every single day. Palmieri looks to be back to playing like his old self. Good to see him getting some scoring chances. Zacha is really going to be a project for Hynes and co. It seems that instead of progressing linearly, he steps up part of his game, then kind of stagnates for a while. Since he was scratched, he's playing more confidently, holding onto the puck more, waiting for the right play, and often trying to be the playmaker on his line, rather than dishing it out to someone else immediately, as he did earlier in the season. He's using some of the skill that he was drafted for. But I still think there's a lot of room for improvement when he's not on the puck. He's also not using that shot, a shot that could really be useful on the PP. I'd like to see him driving to the net some more. I still thought he played a pretty good game today, so I shouldn't complain much. It's just that there's the potential for a really good player there, but it's coming along frustratingly slowly. Also, does anyone know why Aho was not drafted as a 17/18 year old? I've seen highlights of him here and there incidentally when watching other Swedish prospects and I've always thought he looked good. I know a few other people have had similar thoughts on him. Kind of weird that he was skipped over, because he wasn't exactly a late bloomer.
  8. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    If this is the end of his NHL career, which looks like a strong possibility, it's really a shame for him to go out like that. Just a couple seasons ago, he was doing well in Florida. Maybe an injury on another team will open up a spot.
  9. 2018 WJC Thread

    Those Swedish kids know how to shoot the puck. Especially that fourth goal, damn.
  10. 2018 WJC Thread

    How did you feel about Boqvist?
  11. Eddie Lack Acquired (for BInghamton) for Dalton Prout

    It's interesting that the Devils organization has not been able to produce any good goalies through the draft since Marty (unless I'm forgetting someone). I wonder how other teams out there like Washington have churned out a quite a few over the years. I imagine that more than any other position, it has to do with developing the player's game post-draft. It seems like this is an area where the Devils could really invest some resources. But we have to remember that Blackwood is still very young for a goalie, and he's got plenty of peers who were/are highly regarded prospects that have not blossomed at the pro level yet. It's just frustrating because it seems like goalies are such a gamble unless they are first round talents, so using a mid-round pick sometimes feels like it isn't a very good bet.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Caps 12/30 7:00PM

    This was a frustrating one, just because the Devils were smothered for a lot of the game, and could not create much. The Caps did a good job containing the Hischier line. Zacha had a couple tough breaks tonight, but that line was still able to do a bit more than a couple of the others. Zajac stepped his offensive game up tonight. It reminded me of the early parts of last season where he was a real threat out there. Vatanen has really settled in, and is definitely our 1D lately. I had my doubts after his first few games, but I think he'll only continue to improve has he gets used to the system here. I wonder how many shot attempts he had tonight, because only 1 reached the net. I'm hoping Boyle doesn't start to disappear again.
  13. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    The Zacha line was really cranking. I can't believe how much Wood has improved from last season. Vatanen has found his game, and has probably been the best defenseman on the team for the last few games. Zajac is still making a couple of nice plays per game, but the guy is really starting to drive me crazy by killing play after play in the offensive zone. After tonight, he's on pace for fewer points than Josefson, and for a team's 2nd line center to be on pace for ~8 points per 82, there's got to be a problem there. I don't know what they're gonna do with him. He did set up Nico in OT, which made for a nice chance, so I'll give credit where it's due.
  14. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    RECAP I hate my life
  15. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    Wood-Zacha-Noesen is looking good