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  1. Has anyone actually seen Mueller play? It's hard to find any youtube clips that show anything significant, and I haven't paid much attention to San Jose games recently. NHL, AHL, and CHL stats are all I have to judge. SJ fans seemed sad to see Mueller go at the time of the trade, but now they say he has not done anything to show he'll be an NHL regular and that his decision making is slow. I really have no idea what to expect with Mueller. I have high hopes, given that he was a first rounder relatively recently (although, iirc, he rose to the first round pretty quickly...for whatever that's worth). He'll certainly be given the opportunity and the ice time to succeed here, which was not the case in SJ.
  2. When you're not looking at that stupid rendered model of the uniform, the new jerseys really are not bad, IMO. I'm a fan.
  3. MoB3st is a solid name. I'd keep that one if I were you. Someone posted some videos of development camp on youtube. You can check the channel for more, but here is one: There's also a video of Zacha's famous one timer goal from the same user on youtube. Another player that really stood out for me is Walsh (57, red), who scored a goal that I found pretty impressive. He also set up a nice goal by Studenic (67) at 3:05, who seems to have a pretty good release.
  4. I was watching this one a few days ago. He is always making the right play, which is particularly impressive, considering how fast he plays the game. I always praised Nolan for his vision and anticipation, but these shift by shift videos of Nico are showing me the same thing.
  5. Looked at the picture before reading, and I also thought that was the real James Franco
  6. I really like these lines a lot, and I hope that Hynes separates Hall and Hischier in a way similar to how you did here. I'm still not sure LW is where Zacha ends up. He could still be a center, and I wouldn't count out trying him at RW. In his OHL games, you'll see that he scores a lot of goals from the right side or from cutting across right to left. With a shot like his, he could potentially pull off some Ovechkin- or Kovalchuk-type plays from time to time if he plays on his off wing. If he ends up being a center, having Zacha and Hischier as the top two centers could be a really good thing. Re: Markov, I agree that he would make this team's D look substantially better, but I don't see it happening from either Markov's or Shero's end. Markov probably would want to go to a contender, if anything. He's still got something left in the tank, and I imagine there will be a couple of more competitive teams that would take him on a short term deal. I also think Shero is building for the future, and isn't exactly concerned with filling any spaces with short term fixes. But honestly, I would be very happy with having this team give the young players a lot of ice time and responsibility. If the Devils are bad for one more year, that'll be okay because things are going to turn around soon. Plus, a chance at drafting Rasmus Dahlin would be fine with me. That guy could be one of the final pieces that the Devils need to be a serious contender in a few years. Dahlin might be a Hedman-level player.
  7. If I'm an elite level player, I'll gladly take my talents to NJ where I can make $500 of roomtemp's savings per year.
  8. Well, one is among the greatest players of all time, I'll give you that. The other is top 101 all time, at best.
  9. I'm down to call Zacha 'pizza' for next season. Could be the best thing to come out of this thread.
  10. Can't believe he hardly cost more than Mueller
  11. This would be a really nice story if Popugaev reaches his potential. Honestly, I'm more excited about him than Walsh!
  12. Not that I don't have NJ pride or anything, but there's nothing wrong with proximity to NYC being a selling point of living in Newark/New Jersey. It doesn't mean you're a Rangers fan.
  13. First round picks aside, the selections of this draft may even be better than the last one! We've got some high upside players here with Boqvist, Popugayev, and Zetterlund. I really like all of those picks, particularly Boqvist and Popugayev. If you check out some of Boqvist's highlight videos, you'll see all sorts of speed, skill, and creativity. I'm not sure what to make of the D selections, since US players are hard for me to judge, but I am definitely intrigued by Zaitsev. Zaitsev seems like this year's Rykov, being an overager who has KHL experience. Also, Studenic is an interesting one, who I would like to know more about. In a matter of only two years, Shero and Castron have done great work in restocking the forward pipeline with respectable players (2016 gave us Bastian, Gignac, Anderson, Bratt, and Maltsev). Now we just need to hope that some of these defensemen work out for us.
  14. If you've seen Patrick's interviews in the past, he tries to say the nicest, safest, most diplomatic things. I'm sure this is one of them that was taken out of context. You also could see that he seemed disappointed when Nico's name was called first.
  15. I thought this would be a Nolan Patrick thread, and was pleasantly surprised