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  1. What's even worse is the draft is in Brooklyn. I would be really upset if I were a fan.
  2. Also, I really do not want the Devils to be the reason that any chemistry between Provorov and Patrick gets reignited. That said, I am warming up to Nico more and more. Still nearly 100% hoping for Patrick, but Nico's skill is undeniable, regardless of whether it'll translate completely to the NHL level. At this point, though, I think taking Patrick is the right choice.
  3. I definitely like de Haan, but if we're going for one player that will be exposed in the expansion draft, I'm maybe more interested in Ekholm from Nashville. Another option is probably going to be Vatanen, since Anaheim will most likely be protecting Bieksa, Lindholm, and Fowler if they go 7-3-1. Another guy who could be exposed is Namestnikov from Tampa, who is someone I would rather have on the Devils than half of the forwards we'll end up protecting. I think Vegas takes Merrill if the Devils trade for another D, since there's gonna be some Conte influence over there. What does everyone think of trying to sign Radulov to a multiyear deal? I feel like a talented player like that would go well with some of the younger guys on the team. I agree that I could see Shero making a serious move for Shattenkirk, although I am a bit more skeptical than most about overpaying. IMO the Devils will be a competitive team quite soon, and it would really suck to have a bad contract holding them back if that's what it becomes. I am less familiar with Shattenkirk's game now than I was a couple of years ago, though. A year from now (after McLeod and this year's first round pick have settled in), we could be looking at: Hall-McLeod-Palmieri Zacha-Patrick-Radulov Henrique-Zajac-Cammalleri Quenneville-Namestnikov-Wood Blandisi, Lappin, Bastian, others Greene-Shattenkirk Ekholm-Severson Moore-Santini Lovejoy Schneider Backup Regardless of what happens, this will be the biggest offseason in quite some time for the Devils. It's a really exciting time to be a fan!
  4. The argument here is that Kovalchuk's production in the KHL has not declined since the lockout-shortened NHL season, which is right after he came off his most productive season as a Devil (and then had a decent season in the NHL). And by looking at the numbers alone, there was no decline in the KHL, so why does that suggest that there would be a decline if he came back to the NHL? Just look at some of the other KHL players and how they have done in the NHL. Linus Omark is consistently one of the top guys on his team, and this is someone who couldn't fit into the Oilers lineup when they were at their worst. It wasn't that long ago that Jonathan Cheechoo was a p/g player in the KHL, only a couple years back. That's not to mention Radulov, who outscored Kovalchuk in the KHL by a lot. Regardless of whether or not there is evidence of decline, a player should be absolutely crushing the KHL if you expect him to put up 2013-era Kovalchuk points in the NHL, especially if they have already reached their prime. There's also the argument of Kovalchuk's team essentially being the KHL all star team, but I won't even get into that. There's a chance I'm not right about this, and I hope that's the case, but IMO this is all the evidence you need.
  5. One thing about Patrick that I'm not seeing many people mentioning is that he is such a great goal scorer. It's not just that he's got an incredibly accurate or powerful shot. You'll look at some of these highlight videos, and see he scores so many different types of goals. He can carry the puck from his own D zone and score. You'll also see some Ovechkin-like goals where he'll go wide, and cut to the middle. Slap shots from far out, quick and unexpected wrist shots from the blue line, garbage goals, getting to the right place at the right time. This guy really does it all when it comes to goal scoring, and I'm not sure why this isn't being emphasized. As far as playmaking, he seems to be one step ahead of most players on the ice, and is always very aware of where his teammates are. This is where I brought up the Matthews comparison before, with the way that Nolan seems to be on another level compared to his peers. He will make these deceptive no-look passes and make them look easy. All around, great hockey IQ. The thing with Hischier is that his game relies heavily on his speed and stickhandling. This isn't a bad thing, but compared to Patrick, who isn't as fancy, it seems as if Patrick isn't on Hischier's level. But Nolan does have a lot of skill, and he is a pretty fast skater as well. He just plays smart so that he doesn't need to rely on his speed or fancy moves to get the job done. This is definitely not a knock on Hischier, but rather pointing out different approaches to the game. This is why I'm really hoping Shero and Castron go with Nolan Patrick. Both seem like great options, but Nolan is too good to let the Flyers take, in my opinion.
  6. I'm 95% set on Nolan, but I'm open to changing my mind if there's a convincing argument for Nico. To me, it seems like Nolan is the more complete player, not too flashy, but does everything quite well, and has all the tools to succeed (hard to gauge his speed from these highlight videos, though). Also, don't forget about that shot. Nico is definitely more exciting to watch, really great hands, very fast, etc. Either pick would be good, but I'm sticking with NP. A couple years back, during Quenneville's draft +1 year, I went to look at the Wheat Kings stats to see if Conte chose the right Wheat King (Jayce Hawryluk, JQ's teammate was selected a few picks later in 2014). I saw the name Nolan Patrick ahead of JQ in the stats page, and I wondered why Conte didn't have him on the radar as well. That's when I realized Patrick had 2 and a half more seasons before he was draft eligible. Since then, I've been dreaming of drafting a player like Patrick in NJ, someone who has been able to dominate a league from a young age, but I really did not think it would happen any time soon. The next season (17 years old), Patrick was 5th in the WHL in scoring, behind 4 players who were all 2-3 years older. And then this season, his p/g declined negligibly, but I don't see it as a problem, given it was an injury shortened season. If that injury doesn't happen, I think the Nico vs. Nolan question is a lot less difficult. Looking at some of these highlight videos of Nolan, it almost reminds me of Matthews prospect videos from team USA. Not so much in playing style as much as how Nolan seems to be on another level compared to everyone else on the ice, every time. To me, Nico seems more like a Mitch Marner type, with his ridiculous skill set. I obviously would gladly take either one and will be happy with whichever player Shero/Castron go with, but I'm still leaning toward Nolan. I don't buy the lower ceiling talk, either.
  7. Ugh of all seasons to win the draft lottery, of course it's this one. Sucks to be a Devils fan. We always get so unlucky when it comes to the draft lottery. Just look at Edmonton. JK I am so excited. I am much higher on Nolan Patrick than most, so this is amazing news! Last season in the WHL, Patrick scored nearly at Barzal's rate, and he is two years younger. While Patrick may not be on the level of Matthews or Eichel, I really do believe he is a legitimate player, and someone who can make an immediate impact as soon as he begins a season with NJ. I think people are skeptical because his production did not improve this year, but that is what happens when you play through injuries. This is a complete player, with great hockey sense and scoring talent. With Zacha, McLeod, and now hopefully Patrick coming up in our system, along with guys like Speers, Gignac, Anderson, and Bastian (among some others), the future of this team's offense is looking quite bright.
  8. We still have some holes to fill at RW, but the idea of Hall-Patrick, Zacha-McLeod, and Henrique-Zajac as the top 3 LW/C pairs for the next several years is quite exciting. Let's hope we get lucky tonight. LGD!
  9. I can't believe the Senators swapped first round picks with us in 2016 and added a 3rd rounder that became Joey Anderson so that they could get Logan Brown. I would be bummed if I were a Sens fan! Great work by Shero/Castron. McLeod looks legit.
  10. That was not Kovalchuk's last season here. I'm talking about the following (lockout-shortened) season, after Parise was already in MN. I wouldn't say he put the team on his back in the postseason you're referring to.
  11. This is the reason that emotions should be left out of these decisions, on both ends. Kovalchuk leaving the team was quite a mystery at the time, and the fact that he almost immediately said he's still after a Stanley Cup made it all that much weirder. I still think there's more to it than what the fans know. This guy literally put the team on his back in his last season here, to the point that they could not win a game without him. I'm not saying there hasn't been a decline, but it's just as ridiculous for people to assume that he's done as an NHL player just because they're bitter about the retirement.
  12. I'm in favor of signing Kovalchuk because I think he is easily a top 6 player in the NHL, and probably good enough to be first line on the Devils. I'd prefer a sign and trade, but only if we can get a first rounder or a prospect that has a good chance of being an impact player in the next couple of years. The problem is, I don't see how Kovalchuk alone gets this done. SMantzas mentioned Vrana and Puljujarvi, which would be an amazing return (either one), but the Devils would have to add significantly IMO. If the best we can get is a second rounder, then I'd rather have Kovalchuk on the team to help the Devils start winning sooner. I also believe there is value in having a player like that around McLeod and especially Zacha, who are likely going to be big parts of the future of this team.
  13. The thing with "advanced stats" is that they aren't supposed to be a gold standard. Things like Corsi can be a good predictor of players that perform well, but lots of other factors need to be taken into account. Josefson is proof of that. Maybe there will be a time where he puts it all together, who knows; but it really isn't looking like that. IMO, here's an analogy: looking at a player who has good speed, passing, shooting accuracy, and strength - looks like many of the pieces needed to be a good player. But without hockey sense, you've got nothing more than Nail Yakupov. I feel like with Josefson, he excels in certain areas of the game that are reflected in advanced stats. But with a guy who has had trouble finishing, whether due to low confidence or whatever it is, the advanced stats aren't consistent with the level of performance.
  14. The Devils have 70 points and 25 ROW, compared to the Canucks' 69 points and 26 ROW. If the Canucks get to OT tonight vs. the Oilers (currently no score midway through the first) or win, the Devils finish 28th.
  15. 4-2 now, would be nice for this one to end in OT.