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  1. Oh captain, my captain

    KOVY????? Really? Don't see it.
  2. Oh captain, my captain

    Elias doesn't need the "C", he is already the strongest leader and teacher on the team. He wore it once and tried to do too much, but he is easily the best candidate.
  3. Is revenue sharing only way to avoid lockout?

    Great point.
  4. Flyers renew affiliation with Trenton

    This is dead on accurate. My Brother lives near Trenton, hates being a Devil fan trapped in Flyer territory, and had season ticket for the Titans. He would often meet Devils players watching friends or family playing in the ECHL. When the Alaska Aces played the Titans in the playoffs my brother meet Scott Gomez who invited him to thier luxuary box where Dano, Gionta and Pando were all hanging out watching the Titans playoff game. Once the Devils changed the identity, they virtually KILLED that franchise and turned off the fan base. My brother just lost interest in them and stopped going. Now that the TITANS are back he will probably renew his season tickets and I will start going to the games again, regardless of thier affliation.
  5. Where can the Devils find a D for F swap?

    St. Louis looks like the only viable team with both the Forward Depth and Defensive need to make a deal. Would they drop Berglund?
  6. I think the date to this quote is from 2008
  7. What Lou might be up to this offseason

    This is reasonable. Lou would take advantage of the other teams and the new CBA. We could really enhance our roster with some of these cut pieces.
  8. Flyers sign Weber to offer sheet

    This must mean Pronger is done.
  9. Have to agree, but Staal has to take more risks because Carolina is often behind in games. In regards to AO, what a difference NOT having Backstrom or Green last year did to him.
  10. He two great years because he had Marty St.Louis making him look good. Since then Marty St. Louis has been playing with Stamkos. I don't think Eric Staal is overrated, he just has no support since the Stanley Cup.
  11. 2012 Jets Thread

    50 days till football season!
  12. I would agree, I think Kovy's numbers will drop again as teams will be able to focus solely on him without the threat of Parise on the other side of the ice. Kovy doesn't do well in higher traffic area's. I am also concerned that he will never be 100% with a back injury and maybe in and out of the line-up next year.
  13. In Russia. Doan has leadership and other intangibles that Semin can only aspire too.
  14. Semin is NOT getting anywhere close to $8 million a season in the NHL. There is NO GM that would give him this.
  15. AMEN. Thank-you Tri.