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  1. Aussie coming to a Devils home game!

    Hi all, Thanks Rock for your advice. Well I have my tickets to the Devils v Panthers game on 13th Nov, and also to the Devils v Rangers game on the 15th Nov! I'm sitting in section 117 on Thursday, and section 230 on Saturday. Don't know if these are any good....but I'm there for the experience anyway! Brodeurfanatic, I'm a Devils fan in Sydney also. Have supported them since I first watched a hockey game, in the early 90's. (and played plenty of Sega Genesis/Megadrive NHLPA) Rock, how do I get to Continental Airlines Arena? I don't have a hotel booked yet, so i'm open to staying pretty much anywhere (as long as it isn't too expensive). Do you have any ideas as to where I should stay? Thanks all for your assistance. Cheers Dave
  2. Aussie coming to a Devils home game!

    Hi Devils Fans, I'm travelling to the US next month, and am going to get to attend a Devils home game (a dream of mine!) Hoping to get to the Devils v Panthers game on 13th Nov. I am in Nashua, New Hampshire on business the week before and that finishes on the 7th (Friday). Then I'm on holiday! Where is the best place to sit for my first live hockey game? What is the best way to get to the game? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!