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  1. I, too, didn't think Larsson was a tradable asset but he has underachieved for years. You can blame system, youth, coach whatever. He wasn't a bust, I just think we were looking for Neidermeyer v2 (at least I was). Seems like a reasonably fair trade to me.
  2. CR76, back on page 2 you noted: "Probably had to do with whatever photos the artist was working from. He probably wouldn't even know the difference." I know the artist personally. He knows the difference in the pads. Marty chose the photo that he worked from which was from his last game as a Devil. He wore the big pads then and thus that is what he sculpted. As for arcade machines, for those interested in building one, check out this book (link). I used this and built my own. Built one with two joysticks, 7 buttons each, track ball. Plays lots of games.
  3. Nothing earthshattering but a nice return for a rebuilding team. The assets given up were non-essential and Shero got some picks that can be used to get real talent. Giving up on Matteau stinks not because I think it was a bad trade today but rather b/c of the cost to the franchise when they got him.
  4. Stick a fork in him.
  5. Who knows all the reasons why. Still under contract? Blues want something for their money? Makes sense to me. While he is forever a Devil as a player, who knows where he'll be post playing career. I just want the franchise to get back to a contender status and if that means Messier in the front office so be it. I just want a better product then what we are getting now on the ice.
  6. Terrible event. Responding to satire with such violence is just simply beyond my comprehension.
  7. I'd stay away from Kessel, especially for the price suggested above. Talent is there, I'm just no so sure the head is.
  8. Too much of a circus, imo. It would be a band-aid at best and a team killer at worst. The team got quite lucky in the way it turned out. Walk away Lou, walk away.
  9. This is a good Kings team but we're not talking about Gretzky's oilers. The Kings are a very good team and one of the best this year. They deserve to be in the finals. For the record, however, the Kings only scored 1 more goal in the regular season than the goal challenged Devils. This is certainly a team that a goalie can steal a game against. If you read my post thoroughly, you'd notice that I was pointing out that a legend can be born by stealing a game on this stage. He hasn't so far. That's the point.
  10. Bottom line: The queen has let in 8 goals in two games. For someone that is regarded as something akin to the messiah by rags fans, that is not getting it done. He's not the reason they lost the first two games but he's not cultivating a legend of being able to steal a game on the biggest stage.
  11. 1 game at a time. We'll see how this plays out.
  12. He's clearly their #1 and taking off the hatred colored glasses, he is a top goalie. You can't let that talent go at that position if its already on your roster. Sure we can take cheap shots at him (which I enjoy BTW) but the Rangers HAD to do this. If they low balled him and he walked we'd kill the Rangers for being stupid.
  13. Anyone using one of those horns should be escorted out.
  14. I gave up on sports talk radio a long time ago. I'll listen to the NHL channel on XM sometimes but to me most of the sports talk hosts are useless and the fan call ins are even worse. I am much happier now.
  15. Lots of idiocy on the ice for that one. My listing of idiots in descending order: 1- Kessel - the worst of the lot. Using a stick in the way he did is unforgivable to me. He is intending to injure. There is no defense for those actions. 2- Clarkson- leaving the bench is also a dangerous play It may force retaliation from the other bench and then a complete melee and the refs lose control. He deserves every bit of that suspension. 3- Scott- I don't know what led up to that point but you aren't going to impress a coaching staff with your goon-attributes if you take on someone like Kessel. At least find a somewhat equal target if you want to be a goon.