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  1. We actually missed out on the opportunity to recruit people to come support the Red Bulls with us because people were approaching us asking what it's like and how they can find out how to go with us. I had no materials to give them and I wish I had some. Viking Army is a really small but fast growing club though and I'm sure they were surprised to get the publicity. They're also the only club who came out using their name officially backing the Devils.
  2. They were giving out helmets with horns, but those are different horns.
  3. We definitely got a little overzealous with the chants. Of course we all knew them because we've used them a million times for the Red Bulls but now I'm just picturing all of the other fans trying to figure out what we were saying. Especially since some of them are in Spanish and I don't even understand them.
  4. I can understand if they don't want people bringing random drums in. Our guys had special permission and even at Red Bull Arena you have designated drummers and multiple people working across the supporters sections to keep everyone synced up. If you just have people deciding they're going to bring a drum and use it you can end up with a mess. But really? People complained about one drum to keep the chants together? What sort of person would do that? Have they ever been to a college football game?
  5. Glad to see we got a pretty positive reaction. I was in the section and didn't plan anything but I think it was just an experiment to see if we could work some of our style tifo into the game. Last night was a bunch of people from different clubs and we just did the Red Bulls chants but changed them to Devils. It is a little weird with the whole crowd not knowing the songs. Without a designated set of supporters sections it would be hard to keep it organized like it is at RBA.