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  1. And here comes Mr. Grand Slam Robles
  2. God dammit Edgin can you field a damn baseball. How many infield bullcrap singles are allowed to happen against us?
  3. I have no idea how we are going to piece this game together. Everybody stinks. Goeddel is just trash
  4. Man...it is never easy
  5. Of course. God damn. Remember Terry "If you hit...you play" This year if you dare hit...you'll get hurt. Ouch. Off the kneecap
  6. Oof. Both these clowns stink
  7. Hellickson doesnt have his best stuff today either. Gah, really needed Reyes to gap one there
  8. First in a month!! And Ynoa gone after 2. Here comes Verrett, who hopefully will stink less...
  9. Ynoa is awful but, he has to take his lumps Such a bad bad pitcher but, we really have no other options at this point
  10. We goof about it...but you know N.E. will beat Buffalo next week. When it's 28-6 Patriots late in the 3rd, it would not shock me to see Belichick rub salt into the wound by having Edelman run the offense. (granted Rex has pulled out some weird wins over Belichick, remember when Geno was our starter and that Nick Folk kick after the "pushing into the pile" penalty gave the Jets a 40 yard FG instead of a 55 yard one to win it) but it ain't happening this week. Buffalo doesn't have the talent and while teams always play hard for Rex, they're not as well coached, smart, or talented as New England. It's already over for the Ryans. I'm sure internally they're already reaching out to prospective candidates clandestinely. I think back to the Marrone boondoggle. He had them going in the right direction at 9-7 then chickened out. I don't know exactly what went on behind the scenes there but if they smoothed things over with Marrone the Bills would be in a much better place right now.
  11. Thanks Cubs. 5-0 final over the Cards. Mets need to take care of business now. Won't be easy against a respectable pitcher and loose team hell bent on knocking us out.
  12. heh. unreal. But hey at least it isn't a legit injury There is something going around though. Lots of people are sick and coughing.
  13. Cubs up 3-0 early on St. Louis. Let's hope it holds and we can jump to 1.5 up after tonight.
  14. Say what you will about the Texans kickoff fumbles and such but...they scored 0 points. The Patriots did sort of hide, limit, and play to Brissetts strengths but that's what good teams do. Where was Watt and the supposed strong Houston D? Nowhere. Totally taken out of the game. It's weird how this Texans team totally inherited the legacy of the old Houston Oilers. Talented but persistent big spot underachievers. Playoff failures, wimps on the road. Patriots did everything right in this game and their game plans are better without Brady than with. Are they a better TEAM long term without him. Of course not. But I've seen a lot of sloppy efforts where N.E. gives up 35 points and Belichick is going for 4th and 6s on his side of the field but Brady pulls them out of the fire with a win in the last second. That kind of weird stuff isn't happening now, they are airtight.
  15. No more Bruce, need more Nimmo. It'll be tough tonight. Hellickson is a solid starter and has allowed exactly 0 runs in his past 15.1 innings. Ynoa is going to give up runs so we gotta hope our 9 run breakthrough carries over until today. Phillies aren't Minnesota...they're not rolling over for us. What we need are blowout wins. At this point I would seriously consider not pitching Reed/Familia for 2 consecutive games if we can actually go into the late innings with something other than skinny leads for once.