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  1. Looling forward to the upcoming NHL Cholera outbreak of 2018 ;-)
  2. Not going to get on Schneider since the season is over win or lose today. We've seen him have stretches like this before...he overcomes then. We just give up way too many chances. I'm starting to get worried about this potential rebuild. Seems like we are more treading water than building towards anything.
  3. Didn't we blow a late 3rd period lead against the Rags last time we played them? And lost in OT or SO? Cory is a great case for the anti save percentage guys. He will always let in the worst goals at the worst times and is bad in the shootout, bad in OT.
  4. They have had unusually good goal scoring this year for the talent they have...which is good...but they shouldn't be this good. And the sh!tty goaltending will catch up to them in the playoffs. Lundqvist can't carry sh!t anymore. They will not be in the be in the Finals or ECF this year. This year is an unusual anomaly for a team supposed to take a step back.
  5. The Rangers are good. I'll give them that...but what I saw today (and throughout) this season really doesn't align to their record as it is right now. Especially with the goaltending they've gotten this year from Lundqvist. Grabner has been immense for them. But no I would not trust their D. We never get scoring chances and we got 2 million of them today
  6. I turned it off before OT because I didn't want to see the Rangers celebrate winning our building as I knew would happen and did. I'm sure it was a sh!tshow goal. I've seen those from Cory at inopportune times after great games. That's why...hate to say it...he's got some Hextall in him.
  7. Yea it was a foregone conclusion they'd lose in OT. But Schneider needs to save the Clendening shot. He's prone to those late game goals. Schneider had an up and down game. But he still worries me late game and OT (and shootouts) overall can't pin it all on him his 2nd period was great. Really great
  8. No interest in watching the Rags celebrate in OT or SO in our building. Checking out.
  9. Overall probably the most fun game of the season
  10. It will be a hold on for dear life fest now
  11. Schneider needed to stop that one
  12. Well there you have it
  13. Really fun 3rd. Love games when you can get a glimpse of how good hockey can be with some wide open 80s throwback play
  14. Well if that wasn't Josefsons entire NHL goal scoring career in a nutshell with that whiff I don't know what is
  15. End these asinine goalie interference reviews. Waste of time.