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  1. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    That's amazing you pulled that off without being fired. Stood your ground though!
  2. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    Straight out of NHL93!
  3. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    Prob won't score here
  4. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    Bad goal given up by Schneider there
  5. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    No goal That's gonna haunt us
  6. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    Not that it's a blizzard but would be a good idea to move the start time to 7:30pm to give people some extra time to get there safely
  7. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    Merchandise basically. That Holik story, while funny, does annoy me a bit in that the Devils could've still been the Devils and had the enormous success that they did, and also went the extra mile to make sure stuff with their logo on it gets out everywhere. Charging players for team merchandise? Pathetic. How about give the guy enough stuff so that he's giving it away to his friends of friends kids 6th grade class. Anything to raise the profile of the brand
  8. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    Swag? Anyway, I remember reading an article at how blown away Holik was during the Rags courtship of him when they gave him a glass apple from Tiffany's during a visit
  9. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    Sykora got a raw deal heading out the door. Guy could barely move out there in the 02 playoffs vs the Hurricanes. Then criticized for a supposed lack of toughness before being traded. The trade itself was a good one for us but Sykora had done enough for the team at that point where he deserved nothing but respect.
  10. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    It made sense for him to sign with the Rags since his entire life was pretty much here...still hated seeing it. He became dead to a lot of us like Driver. Nowadays when Drivers name is announced it's Bruuuuuce. But for a lot of years those were legit boo's.
  11. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    MacLean requested a trade and was being a jerk about things. Then he signed with the Rags. Then he came back here and was a terrible assistant coach, a terrible head coach, and a terrible TV guy.
  12. GDT - Devils @ Canadiens 12/14/17

    Chris Terreri in 2001 perhaps? Wasn't exactly a gut punch trade though, but he was very well liked
  13. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    Rosario is 22, so if he isn't MLB ready yet he should be very very close. He certainly looked overwhelmed at times last year at the plate. Chased a lot of outside stuff. For as highly ranked as he was as a prospect I don't think anybody was blown away by what we saw. Dom Smith is a non starter and just not a 1b in todays MLB. Short, slow, stocky singles hitters are DOA. The 9hr's are a mirage. Perhaps aided by the juiced balls of last season. I hope they move him as soon as possible while he's still more of an upside guy rather than a proven commodity. Wouldn't mind them signing career stopgap Mark Reynolds. Or Carlos Santana. Would love to get him in here to play 1b but they probably won't go either route.
  14. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    So probably no Hall tonight either?
  15. NFL Week 15

    I don't think your current coach is the answer. Probably won't move on from him after year 1 but I'd be in the market for somebody better. They need to find their QB of the future in the offseason though...whoever it may be. Elways doesn't have much tolerance or patience for what's gone on most of this year. Denver will dig out of this quickly.