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  1. Also please Syndergaard ENOUGH OF THE TOUGH GUY ROUTINE. You're a Met, things are not just going to magically turn out ok. We already have 2 wins this series which is 2 more than anybody expected. He says he feels great, he is refusing the MRI and pitching tomorrow. Just a few days ago he couldn't lift his arm over his head. Mets need to put their foot down and say you don't start a game until you get an MRI. Sandy Alderson: Syndergaard's call to skip MRI on arm New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said Saturday that it was unusual for a player to refuse an MRI, as Noah Syndergaard did Friday, but said, "I can't strap him down and throw him in the tube." Syndergaard is scheduled to start Sunday after he was pulled from his start Thursday because of biceps and shoulder discomfort. Syndergaard was scheduled for an MRI on Friday, but after throwing a bullpen session, he said he felt great and ready to go against the Washington Nationals. "I think I know my body best," Syndergaard told reporters. "I'm pretty in tune with my body, and that's exactly why I refused to take the MRI." http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/19272997/sandy-alderson-new-york-mets-general-manager-says-team-force-noah-syndergaard-undergo-mri
  2. Just goes to show how up and down the MLB season can be. Nats were flying high...now two losses in a row to us and Adam Eaton is out for the season with an ACL tear.
  3. Senators win in OT!!
  4. I feel more bad than angry for Smith at this point. It's a total bust all around but...who knows if he ever had the ability, he just couldn't stay healthy. And he was always healthy in college too.
  5. Devin Smith tore his ACL. He's out for the season. And with Jalin Marshalls suspension I bet he'll be gone too
  6. Yea. Maccagnan is pretty much outsmarting himself. Though I do like the Alabama WR. Seems like a very high effort player with a good skill set Question the wisdom of a 2nd safety. I mean yea if this one works out too then our defensive backfield is set for the next decade...but a lot of other areas needed to be addressed as well. But I kind of see Macc as trying to assemble a new LOB as they had in Seattle, and starting with the safeties. As it stands the Jets could be putting a pretty good defense on the field next season
  7. I thought they were dead meat after the Nats put up a 3 spot after that 2 spot. I DID have confidence that deGrom would battle after they took the lead. His K totals have actually been really good of late even though he's given up a bit more runs than you'd like to see from him. But double digit K's in his last 3 games. Can't argue with that. Reyes is finally hitting a bit. Not sure if this is a blind squirrel thing or he's finally settling in. Even though Familia was a bit unlucky yesterday, pulling him was not the wrong move. You get a lefty/lefty matchup in...and you break up the big moment of Harper up with 2 outs, bases loaded. You try to at least break his rhythm and settle things down. It was almost like the baseball version of icing the kicker. Time out...we're bringing a new pitcher in. But hey it worked.
  8. It's an actual strategy they employ. Draft/sign talented but troubled players and hope more often than not they work out...because when they do you have an enormous steal and bargain on your hands. And when they don't, just pray they don't kill somebody It's a way that they, in a small and generally undesirae market, can build a talented and competitive team on the cheap.
  9. Dolphins actually got a guy the Jets really wanted. Jets were trying to keep it quiet but I believe when it came to interviews and workouts Harris was top of the list. Though I don't know what they were waiting for. Harris is a tremendous talent and if the Jets were thinking he may drop into round 2...it just wasn't going to happen. You had to jump up and trade for him Very happy with Jamal Adams. I think he's absolutely a complete, impact safety who can come in and play in the NFL right away and be a difference maker. No holes in his game. A true leader and somebody who always gives max effort.
  10. The utter incompetence of that is so baffling...we're really teetering on the brink of Dan Quinn level idiocy right now
  11. pfft. Don't you know Reyes only gets hurt when he's playing well? Believe me once he has a nice little 8-10 game hitting streak with a bunch of SB's he'll pull up lame trying to beat out a grounder and he'll be gone for a month too.
  12. He's survived before...I have no clue how he survives this now. And it isn't all on him. Terry's no doctor or trainer. You know who Collins reminds me of? Wayne Fontes. Every year he seemed to be on the hot seat but every year he wormed his way out of it. But the clock struck midnight on him too eventually.
  13. Incredible right? I know soft tossing lefty relievers can hang around for decades, but this guy looked like he was maybe a hair away from being out of baseball.
  14. Cespedes will end up going on the DL and it will be a long stint. I'd be shocked if we see him before mid June to be honest. Syndergaard I can see that as one of those injuries where they don't quite find anything but keep prescribing rest and such. He'll probably come back, not feel right again...then they'll find something and he'll need surgery and that will end his season. This one seems like the type where he'll be in limbo for a while
  15. Braves blow the doors off of this one.