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  1. Also Beltran had 41 in 140 games in 2006. Seems like forever ago but that's a monster year even in the steroid era. Delgado had 38 in 144 games that year as well. Kingman would've easily done it back to back years in 1975 and 1976 had he not missed chunks of both seasons
  2. heh I think one of the main issues was Bobby V was agitated by his smoking or something.
  3. Cespedes has now played nearly a full season as a Met. 160 regular season games This ranks with some of the greatest offensive single seasons in Mets history. 44 home runs. Heck he's even walked a very respectable 54 times
  4. And btw, I have an irrational dislike for Jose Fernandez. Not only that we should've drafted him but he has that punchable long Mark Teixeira type face and is always hooting and hollering on the mound. Just seems like a cocky jerk And while he did dominate us last night, his home/away splits are obscenely pronounced. Cy Young at home, Steve Trachsel on the road.
  5. If Cespedes isn't a Met next season the amount of vitriol directed at the Wilpons will put them in witness protection. It's gotten to that point already. Though one thing I wish they would stop is the over the top celebrations. This was the crap that existed between 2005 - 2008 which got us universally reviled and really amped teams up to play us and wreck our season down the stretch all the while those same teams just couldn't be bothered to try when playing the Phillies. I don't want to see bat flips into the upper deck or Jose Reyes wearing bubble gum buckets as helmets. I have no idea how Montero didn't crumble. He held his own, didn't give us the length we needed but also didn't give up a run. Overall it was a good step he took and hopefully he's able to gain a better grasp of his command in the future. The fact that we won a Montero vs Fernandez start is an absolute gift. Maybe just maybe with all the awful injury luck we've had this year with our pitchers, both nagging and serious, the Montero the forgotten man can be a nice late bloomer contributor down the line. I have no clue how Bruce even has 86 rbi on the season. He looks like he's never swung a bat before. I know he can't possibly be this bad, but I guess perhaps being thrust from the ultimate meh city in Cinci with zero pressure right into a NY wild card chase (and add in some nagging injuries) may have thrown in for a loop. He's getting hittable pitches...he's missing them. He's pressing.
  6. Oh wow. Didnt even see the injury. What happened?
  7. Well that's game over. Some guy I've never heard of named scruggs wins it with an 8th inning double with 2 outs. I thought they'd get blown out today, we had out chances...Montero labored but did go 5 scoreless. We got 0 off Fernandez as everybody thought we would. No offense to speak of as they go down meekly
  8. I'm a bit concerned as well. Forte finally got his feet wet in the pre season which was good to see. Brandon Marshall has a balky hit. When you see Hack and Petty in action Fitzpatrick's lack of arms strength becomes readily apparent.
  9. A nice surprise roster expansion callup would be Dom Smith because Loney has been just awful for a very long time. We got what we could out of him but he just doesn't give us the power we need from that position...or the OBP. His entire game at this point is just meaningless singles. He hasn't drawn a walk for all of August, and has a meager 5 rbi's during the entire month as well.
  10. Romo with a broken back, out 6-10 weeks
  11. 4 games, correct CR. Heh, hopefully this doesn't mean the Mets are sort of slipping from my mind but let's face it if this sort of middling play keeps up we'll all be in football mode very shortly (if we're not already) Heading into such a huge serious with the biggest ? of all in Monero, and a lineup that will likely be missing Cespedes, Walker, and Cabrera. It ain't gonna be pretty especially facing Fernandez tonight.
  12. All the Vesey will do for the Rangers is prevent them from fully bottoming out during this period they're about to enter. They'll hover around 8th and 12th in the division, Lundqvist will decline. But Vesey will perhaps make them good enough to where they won't drop to where they can grab a top, difference making pick. If Kreider and JT Miller don't take enormous steps forward they just wont be very good. Hayes too. He took a step back last year and seems very pedestrian. Remember Matt Gilroy? He was Vesey before Vesey was Vesey.
  13. A safe microstat guys would be head and shoulders above TC. We really needed to sweep Philly, but Terry went with a Bobby V Sunday circa 1999 lineup (and yea I know Ces and Walker have had nagging issues but is it not all hands on deck?) we missed an opportunity to get to 1.5 up. Lots of missed chances late to go up multiple runs. Though I suppose with the state of this team as is, it's probably unrealistic to expect them to sweep anybody. The Marlins now come in, 2 of 3 is imperative.
  14. True. That's also a byproduct of living in such a connected world. Same is true in hockey where you have heavily coached cookie cutter players. They free wheeling creativity of pond hockey back in the 50's and 60's shaped a lot of the incredible players that went into the hall
  15. No excuses here. We have to sweep the Phillies. Morgan is terrible and Velasquez has been awful of late though he has ability and shut us down very early in the season. The Phillies are not a pushover as we suspected they would be but this is still a well below average team that we need to handle for 3 straight.