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  1. The puck bouncing like a basketball. The NHL has to pretty much order the Isles back to Nassau. What a horrific hockey venue
  2. Hynes is either mentally ill or he legit tried to lose this game.
  3. Even just going into the 3rd. It was a game...the Isles don't have Roy circa 1993 playoffs back there. 4-3 game...your #1 has to start the 3rd Heck even if he had a down game I doubt this game would be worse than 3-3 now with Cory between the pipes from the getgo.
  4. It was asinine. Gotta roll with Schneider they forfeited this game.
  5. Not sure why Mr. Clean didn't pull Turdcaid going into the 3rd as every non brain damaged person knew to do. But of course he lets up a goal immediately. This one is on you Hynes and another one. You want to pull him now maybe or are just going to continue Dan Quinning this up?
  6. Probably will allow another 40+
  7. It's still a game...but you can't let Kinkaid continue on he's horrific today
  8. gotta get sh!tkaid here
  9. Well this one is over. Kinkaid garbage
  10. oof. knee on knee there for Palmieri I'm sure he'll get the eng tonight too.
  11. If Ottawa can hang on, and we win tomorrow...we will only be 1 point out. Tomorrows game is huge and hopefully there will be a nice contingent of Devils fans to watch 3/4ths of a hockey game at Barclays This does not look like a playoff team but whatever. Trying to enjoy the ride. Meaningful late February hockey is a-ok by me.
  12. To be fair, Devs hit two posts today. Blandisi and somebody in the 1st on the PP that I forgot.
  13. Moore isn't a defenseman. He'cannot be on this team next year