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  1. Wow. Gionta blatantly shoved in Lundqvist...penalty Gionta. Gionta weight 98lbs. When you shove him, yea he's going to go flying.
  2. Yea I think you may be right. Game 1 was a joke where we only allowed 14 shots but lost anyway, but Philly did hurt us with their speed all series. But I do recall the Devils getting a ton of chances and just getting no breaks ever. Boucher also made some spectacular saves that he had no business making.
  3. Another thing I would like to mention...with all the stuff floating around with concussions and other debilitating health issues, does the NFL really want 50 of it's legends hobbling out onto the field as if they're all 105 years old. I mean it was very sad watching some of these guys move. Heck Namath at 72 was among the best (and he had both knees replaced) Bradshaw couldn't move at all, Montana looked terrible...
  4. Seemed like such a promising time. Real shame how that season ended. Boucher was ridiculously good for Philly in the playoffs, we got absolutely no breaks and no bounces. Lost that series in 5 and it seemed like we outplayed the Flyers for the most part.
  5. Wasn't really enamored with the game as a whole. Commercials stunk, it was a defensive struggle...sloppy at times with very few "holy sh!t!" amazing play moments. Newton really handled himself terribly with the whining, and aloofness afterwards abruptly leaving the press conference. Nice job by Denver. They saw what Seattle did to them a few years ago and they literally went out and became Seattle. Manning...in his current state...it probably the worst QB to win a Super Bowl since Trent Dilfer (Brad Johnson wasn't a bad QB, just middling. They pretty much went out there and won it with their defense alone. Von Miller was unstoppable and Demarcus Ware was in the backfield all day
  6. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    fvck pittsburgh
  7. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    Devils are just awful in shootouts. Cory is bad in them and our shooters are bad in them, and on top of that they are psychologically beaten in them before they begin. That said if you took the Rags/Leafs/Caps block of games and said we'd get 4 of 6 points pretty much everybody would sign for that Rags may have won but Flyers not getting the extra point and the Isles losing is not a bad thing
  8. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

      Great pic. Not sure I've ever seen a puck drop with two opposing goalies out there.
  9. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    That's probably game
  10. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Gionta should never see the point of a PK ever again. His reach is child like and he's not tough enough to muscle guys off the puck. He is totally useless there. Guys dangle around him like he's a pint sized traffic cone.
  11. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    At least they had the good sense not to put Henrique out there for the shootout.
  12. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Shootout...automatic loss. Night.
  13. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Blandisi falling down on a breakaway. ugh.
  14. Relentless We Are vs Old School Lou Feb. 4 GDT

    Point isn't the worst thing in the world. We haven't had many of these deBoer style blowing a lead late type games this season...it will happen from time to time especially with a backup in net.