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  1. Kinkaid was terrific and they got a bunch of shots on net in the 2nd game of a back to back. Still need more from the O but whatever...baby steps. A win is a win and we needed one badly.
  2. Wasn't he a dentist?
  3. He talks big and produces mediocrity. To say he's been awful the past few years is probably a bit unfair. I think McCoy does in fact want to be a head coach and I see him taking a job as soon as he has a successful year in Denver. 2nd time around I feel McCoy will do very well. Big whiff by the Jets not nabbing him.
  4. Dom Smith is intriguing. I actually saw him play in a AA game and he hit some mammoth foul shots. He swings a big heavy bat that sounds like a thunderclap when he hits it. Really shocked it hasn't translated into better power numbers (yet). But his eye at the plate is very good. But yea totally agree, he needs to go to AAA...I think he'll do fine there. To me the myth of David Wright died all the way back in 2008...that late season K vs. the Cubs with the bases loaded. Never trusted him in a big spot since.
  5. Denver is a solid organization. I don't see them whiffing on Joseph. The guy is a hard worker and will do well over their. The Broncos have a great infrastructure. I was not impressed with the Kubiak hire but Kubiak/Phillips turned into a Super Bowl combo for them.
  6. Regarding Wright in 2017, I have a feeling if he turns in a pathetic Spring Training that he may retire before the end of the season. It takes him about twice as long to prepare for games, his range in the field is bad...I just have a hunch if he's out there in Florida and the writing is on the wall, he'll bow out. This has not been an easy couple of years for him.
  7. I'm not quite so bearish on Duda...but a back injury for a 30+ year old player (and a big heavy guy) is very troubling. If his power gets sapped then he becomes an enormous negative. I've always liked his ability to draw walks and whatnot but a Duda decline will look very very ugly. I'm very shocked Bruce has not been moved yet. Perhaps Sandy is being stubborn, or he's just going to carry this on into spring training and hope Bruce has a good month and raises his value a bit. Or others are hit with injuries and under performance and the demand for Bruce increases.
  8. I'm starting to wonder what was really going on behind the scenes. I wonder if Blitzer/Harris offered us up initially as a guinea pig for a Seahawks/Bucs type butcher job to Adidas but backtracked to "no significant changes" once the fan outrage hit hard on social media. Something is very fishy here. I have no idea what a modernization of such a perfect look would be? How exactly do you make this better?
  9. I get the feeling modernizing may mean chrome or side panels or something like that. Pittsburgh is back to looking like it should, so is Buffalo, Edmonton, Philly, St, Louis, Toronto...why are we jumping into this when everybody else has outgrown their idiocy phases?
  10. Why does it have mafioso track suit stripes on the side? Where is the striping on the bottom? Looks empty Is it a "salute the troops" type thing? The numbers look camo.
  11. It's not unprecedented, the Calgary Flames use the Atlanta Flames A logo as their assistant captains patch.
  12. Agreed. I like the brief homage to the Rockies but no permanent Rockies imagery should be in our everyday uniforms.
  13. Should be interesting. I wonder if he'll have details on what kind of look they're working on. Or have already approved. The idea of the Devils looking like some joke, I just can't wrap my mind around it. That's for the Islanders (until recently) the Coyotes, the Ducks, the Panthers. That's not us.
  14. Be careful when it comes to forcing things down Devils fans throat. Have they not learned anything from the ongoing "You Suck" post goal song war. How many years has it been? Leave the jerseys alone
  15. I'm already writing them an email regarding this. But our ownership group are the same clowns who own the Stubhub76ers so they're likely not going to back down from annihilating our identity.