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  1. They get a run in the 8th and Asdrubel Cabrera promptly kills the inning with a double play.
  2. 1st and 2nd 0 out in the fifth...and Duda hits it to first for a double play
  3. Jeez. Not the best night for Conforto thus far. 3K's and a misplay in the field. 1st and 2nd nobody out in the 5th follows up with a bunt K, 3-2 pitch K, and Reyes flying out to left Last night was a gut punch and may lead to another 6-7 game losing streak
  4. We will never have a competent 3rd base coach it seems.
  5. That was odd. Conforto losing the ball. Naturally Montero can't strand him at 3rd as it's now 3-1. Just hoping the rains wash this game away before we get through 5
  6. Welp, Montero doing what we all thought he'd do after deGrom was scratched due to weather concerns. Bases loaded 1 out top 1 LET IT RAIN
  7. What a garbage loss by a garbage team to another garbage team. The Padres have no offense and you have them 5-1 with two outs in the 7th. That's game over. You cannot lose a game like this. I'm sorry but if they have any thoughts of competing this year (and maybe they don't) you MUST trade an asset somewhere for a relief pitcher. Because Ramirez and Smoker and Montero and whatever drech that bullpen coughs up has no business being in the major leagues.
  8. Padres just annihilating the ball against Smoker. He's making them look like the 27 Yankees
  9. Wow. Some guy named Renfroe just hit the ball to Connecticut. 6-5 Padres game over. Up 5-1 with 2 outs in the 7th, and we gave up 4 to the worst hitting team in baseball. Lovely.
  10. Has Neil Ramirez retired a single batter as a Met? Why does he exist?
  11. I swear to god if they blow a 5-1 lead to the god damn Padres
  12. Nice job by Flores there with the bases loaded and 2 out with a rip down the line plating 3. Followed up by Granderson's RBI single. They had Cosart hobbled and shaky and it was definitely time to knock him out.
  13. I'm trying tor remember if Thorne was fired from his gig here or simply not had his contract renewed? Could've been some lingering bitterness from that.
  14. And later the No No No No Goal! by Gary Thorne. ESPN didn't exactly have their A game going that night. I still don't understand why he was so emphatically stating no goal.
  15. Niedermayer looked drunk that entire sequence. Madden just outright tackled Hossa which was the right thing to do, though he still got a high quality shot off. And Hossa is complaining...as if that was getting called late in game 7 in 2003.