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  1. Does Clayton Richard have a hideous delivery or what. It's like he's literally trying to damage every muscle, tendon & ligament in his left arm AND throw out his back all at once. Another terrific outing by deGrom. Padres are not the 27 Yankees but he continues to go out there and pitch with pride, heart, and smarts. Cespedes with an RBI triple that nearly made it over the wall. Maybe, just maybe he could be coming out of his slumber? They promptly walked him the next two times.
  2. First time I've ever heard of a "Stress Reaction". Sounds like some kind of mental condition Mets fans have been suffering since April. I recall way back when, maybe when his name was being mentioned as coming back to the Mets in the Beltran trade, some scouts were saying he's pretty much just going to end up a reliever. They could be right.
  3. I'm ok with that. I still don't ever think he will amount to much a the major league level simply because he just doesn't think the game as a pitcher should. The stuff is there...it's always been there. But to me he's looking pretty much like a Roger Cedeno on the mound. He's got the ability but he doesn't have the baseball IQ. Nor does he have the pitching coach that can help him get his head together and truly fix him. I think Leo Mazzone would have a tough time getting Montero straight, though he'd probably have more success than Warthen The Cespedes comments were a bit weird. Overall he's just a weird, oft injured player who you can never rely on because every next step a quad can blow and that's that. I'm afraid the balance of his contract is going to be just what we've seen this year. In and out of the lineup, erratic fielding, running gingerly. We're always going to be searching for a way to get him right (Drink more water, run differently, stretch differently) and none of it will work. Go figure, Cespedes turns into a pumpkin while Turner and Murphy are Ruth and Gehrig. Of course.
  4. Well his pitch count was still under 100...but shame we couldn't get Montero out on a good note as he lets of a HR to Chapman to put the A's ahead 3-2 in the 7th.
  5. I'm about ready to just schedule every young Mets pitcher for elective TJ surgery this offseason to get it over with. Let's just get it over with in one fell swoop Indeed, sucks about Blevins. But also Terry abused the hell out of his arm for a good chunk of the season and now he's breaking down in July because of this. Was sort of bound to happen.
  6. New Nassau basically had a renovation on the cheap. It only seats 13,900 for hockey now. I don't think they really even expanded the footprint of the arena to expand concourses. Doesn't look like any new luxury boxes were installed either. Basically other than the occasional homecoming game the place was never renovated for NHL hockey. And Barclays was such a poorly designed disaster for the Islanders. Honestly it looks worse and more out of place than the Jets playing at Giants Stadium or when the Yankees played at Shea. To get the Isles back into the Coliseum and make it bare minimum NHL standards then they have to pump several hundred million more into it and soon. It needs a re-renovation.
  7. Hey Patrick...it's Moops.
  8. No doubt. But hey DeLand Florida OWED the Mets.
  9. That is pretty interesting actually. I had no idea. It was never even that apparent to me over the course of the year...it felt like he was pretty much the same everywhere. I don't think we can move him under any circumstances. He's really our only workhorse dependable player. Not just pitcher. Player! He's the only one with nerves of steel, guts, brains. He defies the injury plagued woefulness that is Mets baseball. The only way I may budge on this is if we get two young almost ready starters in the return with high ceilings + a quality relief prospect. Plus a catching prospect. I would want something absurd.
  10. I wonder if that tweet is a sign that the Mets will be reluctant sellers. They really should be first to the yard sale. I was actually getting excited that perhaps with Reyes starting to hit a bit we could actually flip him for some kind of asset. Won't be a significant one but something at least. At the very least Cabrera and Duda have to go. Addison Reed I'd like to keep and slide back into the 8th inning role next season. We really can't afford to be giving away any sort of established, good relievers at this point. If they do they'd better get a blue chip relief prospect in return who they are absolutely certain will succeed at the major league level
  11. ugh come on Sandy. TJ is a nice player at all, but he's 28 and had 322 MLB at bats. Don't get silly here worrying he's going to turn into the next Justin Turner (Turner & Murphy btw are 1-2 in the NL in hitting). Nobody will be surprised if the league catches up to Rivera soon enough with that long swing of his. Overall our offense is going to be in pretty good shape going forward. Trading Rivera for bullpen help is something you have to do./
  12. I was worried after seeing how well he played vs Montreal. After such a horrendous regular season it looked like he flipped a switch. However vs. Ottawa he reverted back to his declining regular season self. Their year was 2014, and they played pretty much the hockey version of the Mets/Royals Word Series. I have to be bluntly honest, the Rangers were extremely unlucky against the Kings. Even 2012 if they lucked past us that Kings team would've massacred them. Luring in entitled college brats who get to pick where they play for like Hayes and Vesey has allowed them to extend this stretch of good teams they've had, as well as out of nowhere season by guys like Grabner
  13. On a good team Cabrera works. He's a fiery no nonsense veteran. Pretty good in the clutch. Has some power. Also on a good team his warts won't show as he won't be exposed in the field as much, especially in late lead protecting situations. On a bad team...yep he's cranky and a detriment. I bet the rest of the Mets clubhouse will be quite happy to have him gone. I have no idea where Duda goes at this point. I mean there's always somewhere in the AL where he can play some 1st and DH...but I don't see him as being in particularly high demand. I'm preparing for a not so wonderful return, but I'm hoping it will be somebody who has potential to be a good bullpen arm. Maybe a 1b/DH gets hurt in the next few days demand will go up.
  14. I hope this Cabrera to Boston thing materializes. He really serves no purpose here...he's going to be a malcontent. The return isn't going to be great but hopefully it's some kind of bullpen prospect. Dump him ASAP
  15. My worst fear is that the Wilpons mandated Sandy to stick it out as long as you can. You know just in case the Mets win 10 in a row or something. So when deadline day rolls around a lot of teams had already filled their holes and the market for our guys has dried up some.