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  1. No. The Devils led that game 3-0. Isles even had an undeserved penalty shot with Tavares.
  2. Now 3 days off until we lose 4-1 in front of 10k Rag fans. These were two very winnable games we just got 0 points out of. Hynes bungled the goalie situation in the 3rd period vs the Isles (heck should've started Schneider) and today just snakebit This team has been very unlucky for a very long time. I wish we can actually win games in which we played as badly as Ottawa did tonight. But we never do.
  3. Balkin Bob Davidson retired, as did Jim Joyce (one of the better non a$$hole umps) John Hirschbeck and Tim Welke also called it quits Davidson was not a good one. Good to see him gone. Quick trigger finger, anything borderline was a balk. Hopefully CB Bucknor and Angel Hernandez is next (Hernandez I'm convinced used to deliberately miss calls just to get back at players and managers who would call him out earlier) He literally meddles in games.
  4. They're just not scoring a goal today. They'll probably get like a ton of amazing chances in the 3rd. Then hit a post, then Ottawa will come back and score some cheapy to make it 2-0.
  5. It is encouraging to see the amount of chances. We have like a games worth of shots already with 22+ minutes to go. Is this concussion protocol for Zacha?
  6. I can't put up with this. He went from All-Pro to a sh!t player overnight...now this (and Revis never had off the field problems before) I know it's offseason but this is just a continuation of the poorly disciplined Bowles era Jets.
  7. They're definitely getting shut out again oh well
  8. Yea that's not a good omen with Thor. I mean I'm all for trying to improve stamina and flexibility and all, but Thor doesn't have to keep up with the Gronkowski's regarding beastliness. You're a pitcher, you already throw about as hard as a human arm can genetically allow you to throw. I mean what is he going to crank it up to 104 or 105 now? I don't even want to see him try...
  9. The puck bouncing like a basketball. The NHL has to pretty much order the Isles back to Nassau. What a horrific hockey venue
  10. Hynes is either mentally ill or he legit tried to lose this game.
  11. Even just going into the 3rd. It was a game...the Isles don't have Roy circa 1993 playoffs back there. 4-3 game...your #1 has to start the 3rd Heck even if he had a down game I doubt this game would be worse than 3-3 now with Cory between the pipes from the getgo.
  12. It was asinine. Gotta roll with Schneider they forfeited this game.
  13. Not sure why Mr. Clean didn't pull Turdcaid going into the 3rd as every non brain damaged person knew to do. But of course he lets up a goal immediately. This one is on you Hynes and another one. You want to pull him now maybe or are just going to continue Dan Quinning this up?
  14. Probably will allow another 40+