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  1. Nimmo on his way...so yes. Cespedes is having his quad act up again too.
  2. Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 7m7 minutes ago Sources: #Brewers re-engaged #Mets today on Lucroy. Discussions continuing. No indication that deal is close. Well if anything, this is certainly encouraging.
  3. Rosario on the AA DL with some sort of lower body soreness. Not sure how serious this is or if they're planning on trading him and don't want him to aggravate anything before the deadline
  4. Well Backman isn't as...eh "family friendly" as the Wilpons would like. But Terry has proven time and time again to be not up for the job. So yea...I'm for it. At least until the end of the season. Nobody is saying Backman needs to be our manager 2017 and onward, but as a 2 month kick in the pants...why not? And some roster changes have to occur.
  5. It's amazing how fans literally know better and have a better feel for this team. I just could see in my mind Bobby V bringing in Benitez...again...leaving him in while he can't throw a strike...and here comes Brian Jordan. They never learn. How was Familia even in this game? I heard on the radio just before Howie said he was unavailable. Unavailable means CAN'T PITCH. I had the sound off. How was he pitching? This is the turning point right here. Either they right the ship tomorrow literally or they fall off a cliff. I almost hope they do fall off a cliff. Would love to see them deal Asdrubel Cabrera and Walker. And Granderson. Heck maybe somebody could use Loney and we can deal him too. Aside from today he's been decent really.
  6. Wow look how horrible Robles looked. Good thing we didn't start the inning with him.
  8. Thanks for your 4 half hearted light as a feather no power swings today Loney. Can't even pick up a whiffle ball dribbler Most predictable game ever. You just knew it. You could predict every single stupid retarded thing the Mets were going to do. From failing EVERY TIME with runners on base, to bringing in the wrong closer at the wrong time, to the predictable unclutch error on an easy ground ball.
  9. here comes a .190 hitter. Bet we'll get a 1000 hop bleeder through the infield FIELD THE fvckING BALL LONEY.
  10. THROW THE BALL TO FIRST RIVERA! MORON! It's not going to magically roll foul
  11. This level of stupidity shown here by Terry...this is a fireable offense. He let up a hit to Story after going 3-1, now he's going to walk this guy. The game will be blown. Great future HOF Dahl walked after being down 1-2. Here comes the double in the gap This is really the last straw. Terry is the dumbest manager I've ever seen. I mean I saw Valentine ride Benitez to his own grave, but this is just ridiculous at this point.
  12. And now Story is at 2nd because of course we can't throw out a single baserunner ever
  13. Familia back on the beam...here we go Base hit Story. MORON TERRY "He wanted the ball so I said durrrr ok" NO TERRY, IT'S YOUR JOB TO TELL THEM YOU'RE NOT PITCHING WHEN YOU HAVE ZILCH AND ARE IN A SLUMP!
  14. Granderson is done as a regular corner outfielder. Next year he can go hit .227 with 17HR 19 RBI in 600 ab's somewhere else Asdrubel Cabrera just needs to be removed from this franchise.
  15. This is the most unclutch group of cowards I've seen. The entire team not named Cespedes needs to be purged