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  1. He reported Dwight Howard would be traded to the Nets...4 times already. I've learned never to buy anything he says
  2. These are the same fans that had a shooting spree in the parking lot of Candlestick park after a Raiders 49ers PRESEASON football game
  3. Incarcerated Bob is tweeting about this as well so I doubt its going to happen
  4. Well...the next 24 hrs Im gonna be sh!t on by Bruins fans
  5. I was gonna go to this game but funds were a bit low. Game is going to be decided in the first period. Seguin is going to have to be stopped somehow, dude is a beast so far this season
  6. Was watching this with my friends up in boston. Room full of college sophomores turned absolutely silent
  7. Im not worried, its one game under a new coach with a new system. Not going to jump off any bridges yet. Give it a few more games
  8. So according to Tom Gulitti Zach Parise has been named captain. Liking the move but hoping he resigns
  9. You know it. Ill have the Chico Eats theme song playing on my blackberry
  10. Blank red Reebok. Now the proud owner of a Parise, Brodeur, and Kovalchuk. Working on getting a retro Chico Resch for god knows what reason
  11. A few Bruins fans at TD Garden were telling me that we almost traded Rolston and Langenbrunner for Lucic and Bergeron. Doubt that is true though
  12. I would much rather listen to Matt or Cangi call a hockey game then Sam Rosen or Jack Edwards
  13. This makes me very very nervous in what looks like another era of teams being relocated. Im not as nervous on the level as Phoenix, Nashville, or the Islanders, but i am nervous
  14. Im owed 4 complimentary front row tickets to a future game. As long as i get those i couldnt care any less
  15. just stop, this rumor is making me laugh too hard