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  1. Stars-Avalanch

  2. Just wasn't our year

    yep, it's the year for colorado avalanche to win the cup, every year devils win the cup is followed by a cup by the avs, let history repeat itself!
  3. Philly will win the east

    Nah, I'll go with Tampa Bay.

    HAHAHAHAHA! GO AVS GO!!! devils =
  5. bad news

    devils will soon follow, 9.4 million lost even though they won the cup, great. last games attendende 11 thousand against the sens. This story is the NAIL in the COFFIN, i'm done supporting this team, i just done, there is NO hope. avs vs stars, the winner of this game if my new favourite team. 1998 (when I got interested in hockey) - jan 15, 2003 i was an nj devils fan goodbye BTW, you guys have been great posters and all, good fans, too bad there is NOT enough nj devils fans @ attendence. ~NJ_Devils_Fan has left njdevs forums~
  6. Devils-Rangers Game Thread

    yeah, he scored
  7. Devils-Rangers Game Thread

    barnaby scores! another third period lead gone!
  8. Devils-Rangers Game Thread

    over confident eh?
  9. Devils-Rangers Game Thread

    If devils lose, I won't be surprised at all.
  10. Devils Sens game thread

    thank god flyers lost too.
  11. Vote for the Devils to appear on ESPN2

    we are losing by rougly 3%! come on people, vote!
  12. Pens 2 Flyers 1

    they have what? 3 wins in 16 games now? all thanks to devils breaking their unbeaten streak @ home.
  13. Pens 2 Flyers 1

    so far pens have beaten: wings, devils, flyers they are like blackhawks, win against good teams, get their ass whooped against medicore teams.
  14. Big week for the Big Four in the East

    well i was @ ACC and I was cheering on my devils, so technically you are wrong, as always!
  15. Big week for the Big Four in the East

    anything less than 6 points will be a dissappointment.