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  1. Pretty sure the 'NHL' logo toward the neck should have a black BG and not red.
  2. Anthony Brodeur
  3. I live in the area, and it's a combination of a lot of people coming from work in San Francisco (game started at 6 local time), and a lot of tickets being unsold. It's really disappointing, and the atmosphere at the shark tank is nowhere near that of the rock or even the garden for that matter. Hockey on the west coast is different for some reason.
  4. Hey guys, I took the liberty of creating a bracket challenge group for the forum. The group can be found here: http://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/#/league/158687 The password to join is njdevs2016 All are welcome!
  5. Thanks, appreciate it! It was pretty cool to go from last to first in one year, but I didn't really retain any of my old team so I'll attribute the win to a fresh start and actually utilizing the #1 pick correctly by taking Ovechkin. Any good graphic designers want to whip up a nice signature for me? I get to select when I draft next year? Can I pick #1 again? lol
  6. Wow! This is going to be really close. Looks like you will need a lot of help on goals and from me losing points if some other teams grab some GWGs. Can't wait to see what happens! I also have someone who would like to join, although they aren't posters currently I can convince him to join the forums for the purpose of being in the league.
  7. Yup, last place, that was me! My roster is stacked much better this year. Let's also keep in mind last year I also had the 1st overall pick but i chose Perry over Ovi unlike this year. Kind of amazing how big of a turnaround I made, though haha. I'm definitely paying more attention to the fantasy league this year.
  8. Boy is this going to be a nail biter. Can't wait to see what happens this weekend! I think I finally understand how maxing out works, and I wish I had paid attention to it earlier. I could have ended up starting only my star players some games and not having some nights with guys who don't put up any points. I also got paranoid toward the end about running out of goalie starts so I'll actually only have 81! Good luck to all.
  9. I'm looking, and I'm worried. I got scared about my goalie starts going over so I stopped starting my goalies and I missed out on a lot of wins. Hopefully my other stats will hang in there and hold on for 1st.
  10. You started Dubnyk against the Devils? I can't bring myself to start a goalie in fantasy against the Devils. They usually come first.
  11. Are you talking about me?
  12. I hadn't paid attention to them all season, or last season now that I think about it. How would having no limits result in a lot of add/drops?
  13. Well next time I'll have to come to your D!ckheads anonymous meeting and meet these "many many many many many" people that thought someone getting hurt was funny. I don't even think it's a matter of opinion. Anyway you look at that scenario it is not funny, it's a serious incident that happened in a serious sporting event.
  14. No, I'm not one of those guys. I'm a hockey fan, like (mostly) everyone else on these forums. This is not funny any way you look at it, either. Imagine sending a link to the video of that injury to anyone you know, maybe some family members, your mom, etc. After they watch it, how about you ask them "Wasn't that hilarious?", I guarantee you none of them are going to say yes. Just because his family released a statement saying he was fine does not mean it's right to ridicule the situation and make it out to be funny.