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  1. Is the NHL serious with this commercial?!?!?!?

    I think I have a more suitable Rangers "History Will be Made" commercial to share.
  2. Analyzing Zach Parise's decision to Return

    I'd say Zach doesn't want to go into the off-season with any doubts concerning his health and his ability to play the game at a competitive level again. Also, Zach has already announced he is not playing in the Worlds.
  3. Loved being in the section on Saturday night. I would not be surprised if Anssi had shivers down his spine from all of us chanting his name at the end. As for a chant suggestion, after Clarky's goal I was thinking a Fight Club style chant of "His Name is David Clarkson" would be pretty neat. That might work for all players who score too.
  4. Purchased tixx from StubHub

    Colin emailed me 2 tickets under the name "Ilya Kovalchuk is a GOD". Hope they don't ask me for ID.