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  1. Rich Chere ‏@Ledger_NJDevils Next Devils' captain? Lou: "We have a lot of generals here, a lot of leaders."
  2. With Zach gone who will it be? I say Kovy.
  3. I think no unfortunately. I would assume a young one will fill his role, hope he gets a job somewhere else though, I always loved the guy
  4. Let's do it boys!!!!
  5. Let's go boys
  6. Let's go boys just win. LGD!!!!
  7. Lets start this series off right boys!!!! :gd: :gd: :gd:
  8. didn't Zuccarello just sign with a KHL team?
  9. JESUS fvckING CHRIST YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. come on boys just win!!!! :gd: :gd: :gd:
  11. lets do it boys!!!! :gd: :gd: :gd:
  12. lets go boys tie it up. :gd: :gd: :gd:
  13. c'mon boys lets win game 3.
  14. Come on boys tie it up!!!! :gd: :gd: :gd: