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  1. agreed we all need a glass of kool aid esp when lou is draggin his knuckles on making A move
  2. figures that madden starts slumping and everyones on him now that i got his jersey boooooooo
  3. completely agree RD, even with your post in the beginning that we would get embarrassed...i think im a "realist", i know no game is a guarentee. dont want to ruffle feathers but i dont know that marty would have played any better whan clemmy. madden, langs, and friesen need to pick it up bottom line. gomer, gio, and patty playing well but we all know not to rely on one line...and when we do burns seems to change things up
  4. how many times do you think doc says jostles each game... im all about the thesaurus
  5. seeeeeeeeee....lift the puck and it goes in
  6. attention patty: stop deeking and lift the puck!
  7. not sure if this has gone up yet, but worth a quick read:
  8. Forgive me for this being a little delayed, but did anyone watch the post game interview with Gionta? Towards the end of it, a completely naked player, im guessing, cruised by in the background ! Was I the only one to see this or is everyone else just more mature?
  9. lets not forget about our friend sheldon souray habs only one point below us
  10. espn, is it necessary to always show someone scoring against marty? and its official, the deal went through...even barry is againt it but look on the bright side, yeah the bright side!
  11. wow, westcoast....i <3 the kool aid bit!!! wheres mike danton??
  12. oh yeah and lets see how many sellouts rush out and buy jagr jerseys
  13. exactly how do the rangers plan on delaing with jagr's ego and lack of motivation...the locker room is going to be a mess...this deal is either going to make or break the rangers...and his first game is on metro, i wonder if thatll change...i hate that channel!!!!
  14. shouldnt be a surprise anymore
  15. the only way i can make sense of it was that messier had a good start this season, philly for the most part has been leading the atlantic, clement just said the flyers feel primeau is their MVP, and roberts..well i have no idea where that came from