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  1. He's a Devil !
  2. Here's my suggestion.
  3. Teds ! A sign of things to come, hopefully
  4. Maybe it was water intoxication ?
  5. I'm watching the Kings-Blackhawks game right now, and I'll most likely watch the Wild game later. I don't mind the Wild, though. They're one of the few teams I'll follow aside from the Devils. I wish i was able to watch the Devils game, but I have to miss it tonight. I live in Northern Iowa, and I'm with my girlfriend in the hospital expecting my firstborn child to show up soon. The hospital has a strict internet policy so I can't be on any websites with streaming content. So I'm stuck watching whatever is aired on NBC or FSN - North. Oh the sacrifices I make for my family GO Devils !
  6. Anyone have a link to tonights game?
  7. Larsson is the best penalty killer ever.... for the other team
  8. umschlingen
  9. Does that mean that Larry pointed to Scott and said... "You're next !" ?
  10. I'll take a shot in the dark for......... $2 mil
  11. Don't forget Rolston
  12. Watch Lou pick up Arnott and re-sign Sykora to reunite the A-line...
  13. Kris Versteeg is a RFA Right winger. I doubt we'd make a move for him, but I wouldn't mind having him on the team. Just a thought.
  14. Bettman's wet dream. Systematically defiling the Devils while making sure his biggest cash cow can keep milking...