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  1. So it's Carolina

    Canes had a great year but they have been hit by injuries and have a weak D(see commod). I like the matchup. Just hope the week off doesn't mess up the magic that they have been playing with.
  2. If you don't have tickets yet...

    I got Game three. Shell out the bucks Dev fans. We need the crowd
  3. YOU'RE NEXT....

  4. Schedule

    Ziegler was a joke and the NHL has apparenlty not planned well and look to be returning to his ill formed ways
  5. Inconceivable

    Who really could have predicted this day mid-way through the year. On new years eve I sat and watched as the devils get soundly beat by the Leafs in front of a pro-leaf crowd. There were more Ontario plates in that screwy parking garage then NJ. I honestly thought this season was done. Then I returned a few days later and watched in an empty arena as Patrik returned and teh Devs beat teh Habs. It seems like a long time ago but it ws the start. Lou & co have done it once again. Now bury the BlueSkirts and top it off/
  6. Flyers rule banner?

    Lets keep that banner up. its done up well
  7. Schedule

    MSg retracted teh schedule, seems John Zeigler is back in charge
  8. Round 1 Schedule

    MSG annouced that it would be friday at 8 & Sunday @ 1 but retracted. Whatever the schedule, Devile fans, break out the cash and buy the tickets. WE NEED TO SHOW THIS TEAM THAT WE APPRECIATE THE EFFORT AND FILL THE STANDS WITH RED, WHITE & BLACK!!!
  9. What's the Devils ideal 1st round matchup?

    Has to be NYR. Get them early and take all the air out of thier sails with a nice old fashioned game one beating. Madden/Pando shut down Jagirl and teh rest of the Chec national team will folow.
  10. Mogilny

    Any chance we see Alexander in the playoffs?
  11. OGT: Devils @ Flyers 4/1

    Rafalski\Smith Souray\Neidermeyer Martin\White
  12. OGT: Devils @ Flyers 4/1

    He said Weimer. I am still trying to remember all fo tehse friggin D-men. 3-0. Elais needs to net one now.
  13. Favorite Flyer

    Lindros...he took a hit like no other. Scotty Stevens.....Scotty Stevens
  14. OGT: Devils @ Flyers 4/1

    Where is that Flyer Forum these days???......I have not visited them in awhile.
  15. Suglobov Called Up

    Does anyone have a good fell for what playoff hockey 2006 will look like? I don;t. If they are calling the games like earlier in the year it will be a shell of its former self.