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  1. Open Practice and Meet & Greet for STH

    You nailed it! I've been saying that all along, they made it an inconvienence to attend, now it is end of month, quarters are ending for alot of business, and they go and do this on a Friday and give you 4 days to plan? Well there was no way I could have made this, I'm in an airport currently in Texas for which I flew out of Newark this morning. I'm glad I opted NOT to renew next year, I'll follow the team on my 48" Flat screen. And I'm one of those that kept up on my rep asking when this was going down, and he continued to say there was NO FIRM DATE.
  2. New STHers

    Agreed Colin, last moment = pissed off fans! the wording almost admits the are going to cancel, just think... they play Carolina in Carolina Saturday night, by the time they catch flight home and arrive at their destinations (HOME) it'll be nearly 3am +/- you think they are going to be up to a meet and greet???? Me thinks NOT! they will make it Monday, a regular skate/practice. I think it is lame! could have done better.
  3. New STHers

    to answer your question, we took the practice and meet and great this year. Probably would do it opposite next year. Why? The Devils just sent out a "tentative date" for the practice and highly touted that there is a chance of cancelation due to sched, if they cancel the practice would be the next day..... a freakin monday? I'm not kidding! I guess they feel the fans don't have to work. Sounds like they do these things back asswards.
  4. Lou/Vanderbeek

    Lemaire was sitting in the box with Lou and Terrieri, reached over and shook Kovy's hand.
  5. New Devils Financial News

    Very depressing. Although I am a STH I feel the pricing is fair at best (I think they could do better with the incentives, but....) I'm also in favor of the 7:30pm start time, my wife works till 5:00pm and by the time she gets home, changed and we leave it is close to 7:00pm (barring no traffic, her office is in Morris Cty and we live in Essex Cty) Just food for thought, maybe the people taking mass transit have it worse, I'd imagine they would given all the recent rail problems of late, and when the figure out the delays and time just forget about it unless the game is on a weekend. Going forward, when we list our tickets for sale on tix exchange, we have the money put into "our kitty" with the Devils, which helps in our renewal yrly, if they are having these type problems financially, I wonder if it is better to just have them send us the proceeds and let us put into the Bank?, (we jusst have to be dilligent and not touch it oh well thought process. Anyone else think the same? Go Dev's!!
  6. Small rant.....

    thanks much gdhi, now to fill the ol color cartridge LOL
  7. Small rant.....

    I just checked, last years was $12.00 the thing was done really good and quite handy to take to games (always carry our weekender with gloves hats,umbrella, etc)
  8. Small rant.....

    interesting devlman, just seems kind of foolish since they pass the cost on to fans, but heck what do I know. Thanks for the info.
  9. Small rant.....

    Ok last night was our first night in attendance since we had a Navy football game last weekend in Annapolis and stayed until Monday, glad we saw a "W" and left happy, but.... Last year we bought the 2010-2011 media guide which by all means was a great little book filled with great stats on teams, coaches, players and filled with NJ Devil info, last night when we got there, my wife went looking at different places all said you might want to check the Devils Den for that. Well wife went down and searched but was told that it "sold out" opening night and it was available on-line in the store for purchase, oh well we will order it tomorrow. Ok, today comes, I search cannot find it anywhere, she calls our represntative and he tells her "for financial reasons the team did not print them this year" WTF?? they charge I believe it was $12.00 or $13.00 for it last year(I think it is priceless, and could easily get $20.00 +/- What am I missing here? financial reasons? Lame ass excuse if you ask me but whatever. Just my lil rant, feel better already LOL TGIF all, go Devils beat Nashville!!!
  10. GDT: New Jersey Devils @ New York Rangers 7pm

    This about sums it up, Go DEVILS!
  11. Season Tickets

    My UPS guy rang my doorbell at 1:20pm with our season tix, and the vouchers for the 3 preseason games. I guess we can give those to friends since our tickets are in each book. Go DEVILS!!
  12. Season Tickets

    Thanx Colin, I only asked because I let them know I was going away on vacation last week and nobody would have been home to sign. Guess I'll join the bunch of excited people waiting for an early Holiday gift.
  13. Season Tickets

    funny thing I've had season tix the past two years always delivered UPS and had to sign, was told by my rep that they were being sent out and to be received on 9/13/11, after my UPS driver already came emailed my rep, he said being mailed 9/14/11 go figure.