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  1. As the woman Underdog is speaking of, I have a few things to say - with all due respect. I did yell for the 100+ fans in the section to "stand up, stand up". Yes, I did turn to my boyfriend and say " I guess people just wanted cheap tickets".. as 3 full rows of Caps fans were filing in below us with about 10 Ranger/Islanders fans. Was this directed to a man, I didn't even know was sitting behind us with a wife and two small children who is having financial difficulty? Of course not! If you turned around quicker and heard my whole conversation instead of "turning your head just in time" to hear a comment that was not directed toward you or any other Devils' fan in the building - you may have saved both of us some aggravation. As far as telling the section to stand, we have been to every other Supporters' game, and that is what everyone did, tell the crowd to stand up, they did, and it was great fun! In fact, the ONLY reason I didn't yell for everyone behind us to stand a second time was because when I turned to do so, I DID notice your boys behind us - did you happen to hear me say to my boyfriend "oh, there's two little boys behind us"? Must have turned your head again. As to the fact that I eventually leaned against my seat in a partial sit, (and no, I don't expect my standing to score goals for the Devils - I was just doing what we signed up to do- I didn't create the idea of this section).. I don't think it is a surprise to everyone that this last game did not work out as well as the last few. As far as chants, a few Let's Go Devils were yelled...I'm not the type to start chants..but I did clap and yell for every one. (I'm flattered that you were taking so much notice of me, by the way!) As the game went on, I was extremely annoyed and appalled at the kids behind us who were yelling anti-gay slurs and other vulgar comments to the Caps fans below all game long. Was hotdog throwing necessary? I eventually felt bad for standing when the majority around us were sitting. And the energy of the whole crowd died down - not just mine. So just to summarize, I'm sorry that my two sentences at the very start of the night ruined your families' night...especially considering the nonstop use of the word "jerk**t and other nonsense that was going on behind you. I'm sorry that I caused you to take a comment that was made to a section of 100+ fans in the first 10 seconds of the game to heart - as if I singled you out - for 60 minutes and clearly beyond. I could see if I said "Hey you! - Stand up!" but I didn't - I didn't even notice your family until, as I said, I was ready to yell for everyone to stand the second time - I don't mean to be nasty but how in the world was I supposed to have seen you walk in behind me and try and get your family settled in? I will say that if I didn't say it, and if you were in 122 with the organizers, the section as a whole would have been told to stand up also - as we all were for all the past games. I know I sound very defensive here...but that's because I am - you don't know me, and I don't know you, so this is really a mute point - but for someone to post something about me that was so far from my intentions made me a little sick. To the organizers, perhaps I misunderstood the bold print of BE READY TO STAND, etc that was on the site where I purchased my tickets and next time I'll just keep to myself. My only hope is that in future games, when you tell everyone to stand, you don't offend someone and ruin their boys' night to the point that a few days later they still feel the need to post about it - I can tell you that the feeling that you ruined someone, especially two small boys, night even if for false reasons - is not a good one to say the least. I also hope that other comments you, or anyone may make, are not partially heard, misconstrued and taken personally by someone you weren't even referring to! Your idea was a great one - and all the other games were a lot of fun - from now on though, I'll stick to Section 215.