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  1. Quebec Nordiques Fan Group invading Prudential Center

    I have seen a report on TV one day talking about Prudential. Martin was showing what's special about that arean. I heard about fire and ice bar? Is it still the case? The majority of people getting there will make their way back right after the game onboard 30+ buses. But my friends and I will stay overnight to enjoy ourselves in NYC! I have no problem going out after with Americans, as long as they can follow us Cheers mate
  2. Quebec Nordiques Fan Group invading Prudential Center

    Great post dude! As you said, we only focused on the closest arena from NHL offices that was possible to get as many tickets as possible. We come in peace and we will be cheering for your Devils. It looks like many of you mix Habs fans and Nordiques fans. There is no way I am booing on a player or singing oléolé...hate that chant. It's a soccer chant... Quebec city is beautiful and welcoming all you english speaking happy folks. Poutine belongs here, there is a no way you can get a good poutine outside of Quebec city area. There is a French expression that sounds like this: often reproduced, never equalled. ;-) How much for the beer at Prudential? In Bell Centre, it's 10.10$ jeeeeez! Looking forward to shake hands with real Devils hans!
  3. Quebec Nordiques Fan Group invading Prudential Center

    Hi guys, We will see each other at the game, I am among the ±2000 fans who will make the trip down to Newark for the game on April 10th. First of all, let me ensure you that our main goal is simply to let Bettman know once more that we are crazy about hockey, and that if close to 2000 fans can drive 600 miles to watch one impact-less game, imagine how quick we could fill our brand new arena and purchase lots of NHL goods. Our mayor officially announced the construction of a 400M arena that will open in 2015 and a well know Canadian businessman Pierre-Karl Peladeau, owner of a multibillion multinational telecom company, did not hide his excitement to become a NHL team owner. His intentions are crystal clear. You also need to know that as we did in Long Island, we will cheer for the home team and we will take every opportunity to make noise. It is a party after all right? You certainly know already but a few Quebecers play for your team. We will be cheering for them and for every other Devils. It is sad that your team will not do the playoffs this year, but in another way, that is better for us because as one of you mentioned, we will not take away tickets that would be sold to Devils fans... On the other hand, you would not see that here... Imagine how simple it was for "Le Reve Sportif" to purchase 2000 tickets for a single game only 2 months prior to the game. That is abnormal. In Montreal or Toronto, or in every other hockey markets in Canada, you cannot get ticket that easily because there is an actual demand for them. It seems more and more obvious for us that a team must come back to us after a little break. We have more citizens, our economy is better, the USD and Canadian dollar are even, and there is a real government/city/citizen belief in this project. Finally, I need to say that when you see people wearing the Nordiques shirt, it does not mean it is the Nordiques Nation although we encourage everyone to wear that beautiful fleurdelisé shirt. We only had 3 official trips since the foundation a few months ago: Long Island, Montreal, and now Newark. We are peaceful but loud people. We just want to have a good time and again, show everybody at the NHL offices that we can be the best crowd. Vincent, former and future Nordiques fan