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  1. Hhitchcock + Clarke Gone

    I think it's interesting they chose Stevens over Terry Murray. Steven was the Phantoms coach for the past few years and won the Calder Cup with Carter, Niittymaki, Umberger ect... This tells me he is no interim coach and the Flyers are going to go young. So I expect all the major veterans over 30 traded or waived, including Forsberg, if he waves his no trade.
  2. need an old web site: lockout

    Look on the players stats on NHL.com. All the information you need is there. Also is you have a team's media guide.
  3. Hhitchcock + Clarke Gone

    I heard the name Keenan bandied about.
  4. Mr. Wang Listen To Your Advisors

    I figure I would toss my two pennies into this foray. http://www.nysportsday.com/news/combined/1153303587.php
  5. The New Isles Gm: Garth Snow???

    Gary is the one who informed me of this yesterday. He's not on the ledge, and he is staying on Titanic while it sinks. The funny story is this, my writer Brian is on vacation in Newport, RI [and made his editor very happy by giving me an article on Gabriela Sabatini going into the Tennis Hall. I got to put up a Gabby picture yesterday. Made me very happy. Derek why can't you be that forethinking?] Anyway I digress. He calls me yesterday seeing the article about this and thought I was pulling an some sort of joke. Then he saw the news on the Isles website and couldn't believe it.
  6. The New Isles Gm: Garth Snow???

    What a disaster this is. I heard Smith and Nolan were at odds and Wang fired Smith. The kicker is - Snow's 750 K players salary will count against the cap for the next two years.
  7. Die Another Day

  8. http://www.nyhockeyreport.com/news/1147339397.html
  9. No Sympathy For The Devils

    http://www.nysportsday.com/news/combined/1147173435.html My take on the situation.
  10. NY Hockey Report Tonight

    This will be a fun show, since Derek and Gary will be destroying me tomorrow.
  11. Patrick Elias

    HEre's the thing with Rozsival. Currently the Rangers have Kasparaitis, Malik, Tyutin and Ozolinsh under contract for next year. Assuming Staal makes the team. Then there is only room for one other regular defenseman, which would be better served by signing Chara or Redden - Ottawa won't re-sign both - rather than giving money to Rozsival. Personally, I think Chara will be resigned by the Sens and Redden will go to another team. JMO on that one.
  12. Patrick Elias

    Don't forget Rozsival, who they may tell to go scratch as well if he asks for too much money. And Strutwick is gone too. The thing with the Rangers will be if they want to create a second scoring line. If so, Elias may be an option, though I don't see how Lou let's him walk. I expect them to resign Straka and maybe Sykora, but Poti is gone as is Rucchin. Rucinsky is 50/50 about returning. And some of these young guys like Immonen and Dawes will be playing on the fourth line, since I don't think they are entirely happy about the production from the bottom.
  13. Grahame thrown under the bus

    Doesn't matter what Tortorella is feeling, no reason to toss his goalie under the bus. It sends a bad message to the team and will make free agents think twice signing there.
  14. Between 10-11 - Special time Listen in at www.nyhockeyreport.com Call-877-913-9739
  15. http://www.nysportsday.com/news/combined/1145437587.html