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  1. Revitalization Around The Rock

    The construction in front of the Red Bull arena is another apartment building with retail on the first floor. It's being built by Russo Development. They are the same company doing Schuyler Crossing in Kearny. They do really nice work. They bought the land from Advance Realty. I hear they have the option to buy another block as well. The next phase of Harrison Station is also supposed to start construction this summer. They are going to be building a hotel directly to the North of the PATH station, in the grassy area currently between the PATH station and the new Five Guys. With what is going on around the Rock and Red Bull arena, I think this area is really going to become an entertainment destination. A much cooler version of what the Meadowlands should have been.
  2. Revitalization Around The Rock

    The proposal for Hoboken was to build the arena on a platform above the rail yard, basically like they are doing with Atlantic yards. The rendering above looks like the perspective is from Pier A looking at the Lackawana plaza in the foreground with the arena facing onto Hudson Place. The traffic would have been an absolute nightmare!