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  1. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    I live an hour and a half away. is there ways to get tickets online or do I have to go to the store? Sorry Im new at this lol
  2. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    Oh wow. sorry I didnt see that. Do you know if you need tickets or can you just show up??
  3. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    Zach Parise will be at Sports Minded Unlimited for an autograph signing on Sunday November 6th from Noon to 2 PM. It will cost: $40 for Flats/Pucks $55 for Equipment The address is: Sports Minded Unlimited 165 Washington Valley Road Warren, NJ, 07059 732-469-3556 Found it on another thread. Did anyone else hear this?
  4. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    I wanted to get my jersey and my Olympic photo of him signed. Hopefully he re-signs!!
  5. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    Does anyone one the next Zach Parise signing! I really wanna go. I couldn't go last time!
  6. Upcoming Autograph Signings

    yeah, on their facebook page as well it says Ocean, NJ.