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  1. Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

    I can't believe so many people are up in arms about the "You Suck" chant. Get over yourselves. This is hockey, not golf. Have any opposing players ever complained about it? Saying "You Suck" is not as bad as some other fans (like throwing a banana on the ice). With three other major teams in our area (with huge fanbases), we needed something that would make our fans loud and energetic during games and chanting "You Suck" was a big part of that. I don't know what’s more embarrassing, chanting a slightly derogatory phrase (even when we are losing), or having opposing fans in our own building be louder than we are half of the time. I think we all can agree it needs to be changed, either back to RR pt 2 or something else that can be voted on by fans.
  2. Fox 29 Philadelphia Confirm Devils sold to Josh Harris

    I agree - should be a great day for the Devils. My only fear is these guys are investment bankers, one being an MD at Blackstone, and are in this to just make money. The name of the game in private equity is to buy an undervalued asset, revamp it, make profitable, and later sell it. This isnt necessarily a bad thing; however, I hope they are in it for the long haul and truly care about the Devils.
  3. RW Idea - Drew Stafford?

    $4M is reasonable for a 50 point, 27 year old player. Give them back tallinder and there's $3M.
  4. What Can Be Done to Fix This?

    I agree that's solid and I think those lines will probably be what we end up going with down the stretch (w/o any trades). Hopefully we can just heat up at the right time. As for the D, Fayne needs to get back in asap and I dont think they plan on sitting this guy much longer. I would prefer trying to move Green as Harrold has proven he can fill in that role of puck moving / offensive dman. Who knows what we could fetch for Green but I trust Lou will get it done.
  5. Jacob Josefson

    I cant agree with that at all..henrique plays a completely different style (can you see josefson fighting mcdonaugh either?) Henrique made a lot of things happen for kovy/parise last year simply for his ability to get to tough areas etc. which I don't think Jo has. Not to mention Henrique scored how many clutch goals in the playoffs and finals? Cant even compare the two in my opinion, regardless of AHL stats..however, I think Jo is going to be an awesome player for us when hockey is back.
  6. matteau signed to 3 year ELC

    Now that we have to deal with that punk Wayne Simmonds for the next 6 years hopefully Matteau will be his nemesis! Someone will have to deal with him eventually, they can't skate away from everything he pulls during the regular season. It would be awesome if Matteau can be that type of player for us (sit right in front of the net, tough, physical, can fight).
  7. GDT: Devils @ Islanders 3/4/12

    AMEN...How many negative comments can this guy make about the team in one thread? Every time I look on here, there's always at least 7..I don't think anyone finds his posts meaningful anyway.
  8. GDT New Jersey Devils at Flyers

    Excellent win for the Devils today. We all wish for a better showing in the 3rd but we got the W. This game really took my hatred for the Flyers to a new level. It seems as if after EVERY whistle a Flyer was cheap-shotting one of our guys. Goes to show the difference between a first class organization and pure scumbags. Cant say enough about Kovy - first one to Parise's defense and sh@t on the Flyers all day. Hope his hand is OK because he ROCKED Schenn. Also BIG props to Salvador - did anyone notice him battling Simmonds in front of the net all game? Not many of our guys are up to that task, and it made the difference.
  9. Just imagine a sold out rock full of devils fans

    I agree - I am a season ticker holder in section 103...section is pretty much empty or filled with visitor fans. I did see alot of devils fans getting crazy in the upper sections vs the Rangers, which I was glad to see. Boggles my mind why some Devils fans wont come out for a Ranger game, afraid to lose maybe? Think of it this way, Ranger fans have so much pent up frustration from watching us raise the cup THREE times since they won, that of course they will get crazy for a regular season win, its all they can cheer for now! If they start talking smack, point to the three banners hanging in their faces. Also, it sucks that the Habs had that many fans but it shouldn't suprise anyone. First of all did you see when they "welcome the following groups to the rock" on the jumbo screen? At least 5 Canadian High Schools were at the game!! That would NEVER happen in a New Jersey high school, travel to another country to see a game??? Kidding me...but thats how they roll! Fact - Devils have the fan base to sell out the Rock every night. But, it will never happen, unless we have another cup run, or somehow draft the next superstar in the league.
  10. Palmieri called back up from AHL

    Totally agree. I feel we can really be competitive with that lineup. Hopefully, with Zajac back it happens!
  11. GDT: New Jersey @ Boston

    Are people serious with this "season's over" crap? We just came back and beat one of the elite teams in the league two days ago and now this loss means we have no shot and the season is lost? What kind of fan is that?
  12. Palmieri? .. meh

    I think Palms had some pretty good chances the last few games..Hopefully his confidence grows. When everyone healthy, I would like to see: Parise Zajac Tedenby (Zach and Travis can make up for teddy's D) Sykora Elias Zubrus (Don't fix what's not broken) Kovy Henrique Palms (Possibly swap Palms out, since him and Kovy always run into each other) Carter Josefson Clarkson
  13. Devils 11/12 line combos

    Could be a great line but I would be pretty worried when the puck wasnt in the offensive zone...
  14. Devils 11/12 line combos

    I agree with most of your lines as well but I don't think Zajac is the best center for Kovy. We should keep him with Parise as we have seen what they can do together. I would like: Parise - Zajac - Tedenby Kovy - Josefson - Zubrus Henrique - Elias - Palmieri Zharkov - Steckel - Clarkson Assuming Rolston is gone, if not stick him on the 4th line.
  15. Couturier or Huberdeau?

    Agree - Huberdeau will probably transition to wing at the NHL level..and like many have said LW isnt a position of need..