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  1. It is really silly to think that the Devils have made the finals in the last 5 years but the Caps haven't even come close. My coworker is a Caps fan but he has been out sick the past 3 days. Hmm I wonder why.
  2. When I saw the flyers moved up I totally thought we were screwed. Rangers blowing a lead and Devils winning the lottery great day.
  3. So is Hall really Mr. Lottery?
  4. Knew it was coming back can't help to get a little teary eyed. Truly the end of the era.
  5. Who is Kevin Rooney? Apparently he is playing tonight #58. A friend posted it on my FB since he is friends with his mother.
  6. Apparently you also share a birthday with Lindqvist. Lets Go Devils!
  7. It was no CAA security guard so it was hard to believe you.
  8. Oduya back to the Hawks.
  9. Could it be as bad as the attendance in Lowell? This is from their last year there.
  10. I did too but I turned it back on in the 3rd right when the Wild scored the 3rd goal.
  11. You know the Lou era is over. Last time there was a jersey change we were one of the few teams that didn't make a change. Now we are the only one making a change. Odd times. At least it gives us something to talk about other than the actual hockey team.
  12. Went back to NJ for an MRI. Colored me worried
  13. The game day poster is pretty sweet. Go Devils!