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  1. Could it be as bad as the attendance in Lowell? This is from their last year there.
  2. I did too but I turned it back on in the 3rd right when the Wild scored the 3rd goal.
  3. You know the Lou era is over. Last time there was a jersey change we were one of the few teams that didn't make a change. Now we are the only one making a change. Odd times. At least it gives us something to talk about other than the actual hockey team.
  4. Went back to NJ for an MRI. Colored me worried
  5. The game day poster is pretty sweet. Go Devils!
  6. Let's Go Devils. I miss living in Boston and actually being able to go to hockey games.
  7. On the directv site is says. NHL CENTER ICE 2016 We are working to have this sports package available by the start of the season. Please check back again later to order online.
  8. Yes looks like MSG & MSG+ I am happy that gamecenter is showing preseason games this year!
  9. The one that stuck out to me was lundqvist. Seems kind of weird to have the statue of liberty on a swedish mask. But maybe that is just me.
  10. He was sometimes a frustrating player but those early years until the EGG line were some exiting hockey from him. The first Devils game I ever went to 11-17-00 against the Bruins Gomez scored with 2 seconds left in OT. (Oh gee makes me feel old look at that grainy footage!)
  11. Where did you play in Baltimore? I moved here a few years ago and only half assed looked where to play. I used to live in Boston where hockey was really everywhere. Probably the only thing I really miss.
  12. Playoff games are not on gamecenter as all of them are nationally televised now.
  13. Former GM of the rangers
  14. But they sure look like they are having a lot of fun out there.