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  1. The case with Broad St is that the areas on the west side of it aren't the greatest (ie Branford pl) while the side closer to the arena is faaaaaar better (ie dinos bbq, bcbg etc). NPD has to do a better job clearing the other side of Broad, especially once Teacher's village is built.
  2. That place is going to be crazy on event days. Loving it.
  3. http://www.nj.com/business/index.ssf/2012/02/gov_christie_cory_booker_join.html Teacher's Village is happening.
  4. Awesome. You should post this up on wired too. Definitely. I thought they were going to leave the plaza banner there and not open it up (like in the renderings). Can't wait to that area comes up, the atmosphere will be supercharged.
  5. Possible Prudential office space near NJPac. http://www.nj.com/business/index.ssf/2011/10/proposed_prudential_developmen.html
  6. Pretty much what you said here
  7. Whether or not your statement is true is a separate issue. And it really doesn't address the city's wanting to build the park or not. The city needs to beautify the area and they know it, it's the highest 'tourism' spot in the city for the most part (if they'll have a ground-breaking for Vet's Park and riverfront park then they know they need this one). The park wasn't held back b/c they didn't want it, it's being held back b/c they're financially illiterate. While both are bad, they're not the same. Triangle Park may not be an actual money-producer, but neither was Championship Plaza (minus the recent outdoor cafe). But it takes away the grittiness and aesthetics are nearly as important as $$ PS (I added text to your quote for clarification)
  8. ^I seriously doubt that is the issue.
  9. I think Bear's attendence tends to swell when they have big names playing the minors for rehab/remediation. (like Derek Jeter @ Trenton)
  10. Fair enough, but did they announce the move on or around the time the Riverfront stadium was being built? I think that would've made a world of a difference. The Riverfront stadium may not be an actual success story, but I think Newark more than made up for it w/ the Rock.
  11. Good article but it stretches its own comparisons. When the Bears stadium was built, the Metrostars were comfortably nested in East Rutherford (I don't even think there were plans to move b/c Red Bulls Corp didn't own the team yet). My tune would be a bit different if they were built around the same time but the Bear's Stadium is over a decade older (and a lot happened in that decade). Plus, comparing the success of a MLS stadium to a minor league baseball stadium doesn't make much sense to me. I think the best bet Newark could have had in getting the Red Bulls was trying to attract the team when Red Bulls Corp bought the franchise and wanted to move them; perhaps build them in the Ironbound's industrial corridor (even though, w/ 'NY' in the name they can keep them, I wouldn't want them in Newark on the strength of that alone. It's our largest city; wouldn't seem right IMO) Also, as long as a significant stretch around the Red Bull Arena remains undeveloped then Newark can still benefit from the fans going to the Ironbound before/after a game.
  12. This is the truth. I really wish they would get Teacher's village going
  13. The 3rd pic is of the initial green-space, which now exist. The top picture is the next phase currently under construction.
  14. I actually agree w/ this.