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  1. I totally agree. But if he signs with Pittsburgh, I will have a hard time with it. The Penguins are my worst nightmare and I can't stand them. I would have a hard time wishing Zach well as a Penguin and might even grow to hate him. The thought of that is upsetting, but it is reality. Best case he stays in NJ for a decent price. Or if he does leave .... I could wish him well in Minnesota.
  2. That is exactly what I was going to say. I also thnk that Zach Parise has made his desision and will have a press conference in Minnesota. With the Wild he will be the Franchise player and they will build around him. He will be in his home town and the team will have the identity and marquee player they need. That said .... I still hope that NJ can keep him. I see him as a gritty talented player.
  3. Ron Wilson is axed by Leafs

    I wonder if Randy Carlyle's abbrasive style with players will go over with the Leaf players. I think that was part of Ron Wilson's problem, he constantly called players out and blamed individuals for losses. I think it was especially hard on young players like Reimer, Kadri and Schenn. Brian Burke may be the real problem in Toronto.
  4. What about Jacques Laperriere as Head Coach ?

    I didn't realize he was 70, but then again Jacque Lemaire is almost the same age and Lou Lamorielo is also 70 this coming year and he won't hesitate to go behind the bench again. But, ya, I hear you. Let's find a younger Canadiens ulumni And as I said, I would not mind Guy Carboneau, but I am anxious to hear an announcment already and see who will be our coach.
  5. What about Jacques Laperriere as Head Coach ?

    I actually wouldn't mind if Guy Carboneau was hired, I really like him as a head coach and think he would work well with Larry Robinson. But, I am hearing that this rumour is not true. So, I am just throwing a name out there of another x-Montreal Canadien player/coach, who coincedentily is also a NJ Devil employee at this very moment. What about hiring Jacques Laperriere as the new Head Coach ? Laperriere has tons of experience, has 6 cup rings as a player and 2 more cup rings as an assistant coach. I am surprised his name has not come up yet. What do you all think about him ??
  6. Ian White ?

    My dreams of having Ian White as a New Jersey Devil have died ...... the Red Wings have signed him. I think he is going to do well in Detroit. IMO we still need a puck moving D-Man. We have not had a viable replacement for Scott Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski or Paul Martin. I think that would be a key element to a successful season and play-off. I do hope that perhaps Adam Larsson can crack the lineup and fills that void.
  7. Ian White ?

    I have read rumours that Ian White is close to signing with the Devils. Has anyone else heard this ? Ian White is a defenceman I have wanted to see in a Devil's uniform for a long time. He has the potential to be a Paul Martin/Brian Rafalski style of player who can add some versitility and mobility to our defence. Hope this rumoutr pans out into truth !
  8. Craig Ramsay on radar if Winnipeg passes.

    I'm New to the boards, but have been a huge NJ Devils fan for many years. Hope I can add some interesting thoughts. I wouldn't jump up and down if Craig Ramsey is hired, but I will say he has a ton of experience. The head coach will be very important, but we also need depth with some quality assistants, that can take over at some point. I wish that Larry Robinson would take another crack at it. I really liked him behind the bench and I thought the players really respected him. At some point they need to bring in some new blood at the NHL level. There is so much recycling of coaches, it gets stale. Kevin Dineen is a very good AHL level coach. I see him as an eventual NHL coach.