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  1. Normally I am trying to sell my tickets but I had a brain fart and promised to different friends my pair to todays game. Anyone have an extra pair that can meet him at the rink or leave them at will call? Please let me know asap! thank you!
  2. At the Doc Night game- More Lithographs to show

    Would anyone be willing to grab me one of these? I can PayPal before the game.
  3. Sent you a I sent you a message!
  4. GDT Panthers @ Devils

    First goal is the toughest lets keep the ball rolling Bernier!
  5. No reasonable offer will be refused.
  6. Email me at agiroux29@gmail.com. I can email them right away.
  7. 2 tickets for tonight. section 122 row 5. $40 obo for the pair. Email me at agiroux29@gmail.com. I can email the tickets to you immediately!
  8. 1/31 vs Rangers

    Sold. Sorry
  9. 1/31 vs Rangers

    Looking for $100 for the pair, obo. If you want these shoot me an email at agiroux29@gmail.com. I can email the tickets ASAP.
  10. Pair tonight vs Buffalo $35

    $25 obo. Just take these off my hands. Can email them as soon as I get paypal payment!
  11. Pair tonight vs Buffalo $35

    $30 For the pair. Let me know!
  12. Section 122 row 5. PayPal gift (avoids fees) of $35 and I will email them right away. If you want these please email me at agiroux29@gmail.com. Thanks!
  13. I can email asap! Thanks!
  14. GDT: Flyers @ Devils (feat. My Little Poni)

    Welcome home! haha
  15. Tickets Devils Vs. Flyers

    $40 for the pair