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  1. Center Ice Question

    I'm moving in a month or so to south Jersey (all Comcast and Flyers down there. FML) and I feel your pain. I will still live in NEW JERSEY and I won't even be able to watch my team. Sad. Anyway, last season I went on an extended vacation out of state and didn't want to miss any games. I signed up for NHL Gamecenter Live. It's about $160 for the season and you can watch pretty much any NHL game being played (some blackout restrictions). From my research, Center Ice claims "40 games a week". Considering there are about 90 games a week being played, and you have no options with Center Ice, I didn't think it seemed worth it, although, I watch all 82 games a season so missing 20 or 30 is unacceptable to me. NHL Gamecenter Live streams online so it can be watched on any computer or compatible devices (iPad, Boxee Box, Panasonic TVs and bluray players, etc.). Over wifi, the picture quality was pretty solid, although similar to Netflix, it automatically determines your PQ based on internet speed so you'll want to be hardwired to your router. Hope this info helps.