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  1. I'd say this was all taken from Cornell Big Red Hockey who've been doing all of these chants for far longer than the Chiefs, Preds or Devils. Back in 2001 when I was attending games at Lynah Rink at Cornell it was already a long time tradition to shout on all goals: "SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" then "YOU SUCK!" during the R&R pt2, and punctuated with "WE'RE GONNA BEAT THE HELL OUTTA YOU! F--K 'EM UP F--K 'EM UP! GO C-U!"
  2. To answer the question (because when you asked I got curious and looked it up), the only 2 NHL teams that have won the Stanley Cup that are not still in the city they originally won in are the Montreal Maroons (they went defunct due to the Great Depression in 1938) and the original Ottawa Senators (they are the only ones to have attempted moving, they moved to St Louis (Eagles) 1934 for a season and went defunct a year later). No modern NHL Stanley Cup winning team has ever moved out of their metropolitan area.
  3. Agreed. I definitely couldn't have imagined in 1995 (and especially after 1996) that my state's hockey team would go on to achieve what they did in the subsequent decade. I remember looking at Terry Sawchuk's shutout record when I was a kid and thinking that there was no way on earth that would ever be broken but praying that Marty could pull it off. I remember the goal against Montreal in the playoffs and thinking that'd be our year (until Bill Guerin's fat toe killed us the following series). I remember the goalie battle with Ed Belfour in 2000 that led to the "Marty's better" counter-chant to the Stars-fans' "Eddie's better" that they'd taunted Roy with in their Conference Final matchup. Then came the Conn Smythe miscarriage of justice in 2003. All throughout this time Marty's been the constant of the era. I have high hopes from the way this new era is beginning that perhaps we can make something of our redheaded new goalie and start a new era of great things to keep the tradition begun with Marty alive.
  4. Good times. Good memories.
  5. That was a pretty awesome save until it went in....
  6. Definitely happy with this choice.
  7. Me too. It was just as they were starting to draw the interest of NJ fans too.
  8. I'd think a game against the Habs would be the most fitting.
  9. The Islander's own version of Jacques Lemaire. Definitely a place for him in hockey's Valhalla.
  10. If we can't trust Gelinas for 10-12 mins at ES per game that's when guys like Hrabarenka, Mozick, and Helgeson start getting looks.
  11. They may take our Lou, but they'll never take OUR KOOL AID!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Another Pens guy. Was a heart and soul character type player on every bottom dwelling team of the late 90s up to the early 00s. Beaten to the punch :-P
  13. I still think that offseason once Parise was off the table they should have gone after Semin. He and Kovalchuk I think could have been good together. Obviously Kovalchuk later left us high and dry, but who knows how things might have been different if we gave him someone to play with.
  14. Maybe, but I'm inclined to believe that he blames a lot of the recent struggles on financial instability that arose during the Vanderbeek ownership. Lou is a very proud guy and will not ever publicly give excuses for poor performance, but I think that's what this is in reference to.
  15. Out of curiosity, is there any reason why Portland hasn't been in the discussions for another West Coast team? They used to be front and center of these things (remember when YankeeNets was selling the Devils, Portland was a frontrunner in where we might have ended up) and now I hear nothing about them.