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  1. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7:30 PM

    Melrose still gets paid to do a job that he doesn't bother to to any real research for.
  2. Only 6 years between posts lol

    That's where I was at last year too. I'd try to watch and wind up spending more time finding other things to do. This year it's gotten to be more like it used to be, getting more excited and intensely interested as the game goes along.
  3. Zajac... OUT 4-6 Months

    Pardon my ignorance, but can't Marcus Johansson play center as well?
  4. Devils All Access new host - Amanda Stein

    Based off of slight differences in same letters throughout the document, I'd say it's handwritten.
  5. The Devils Uniforms

    I would say that if Pat gets a statue then Stevens should have a statue. The plaza doesn't have quite enough room for all manner of statues. While Pat was a great player and the epitome of class and representative of all the good things about Devils culture, at the same time he didn't redefine his position the way Marty did to the point where they needed to put rules in place to counter his effect on the game.
  6. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    Fair enough. I forgot which thread I was in and was thinking he was talking about Devils forwards overall.
  7. July 2017 Devils' Development Camp Thread

    You didn't follow the team in 2000, then? (re: forwards)
  8. Who's bad?

    I would argue that in any given NHL team you need to reach a tipping point in terms of lines able to score to be successful. Figuring on players to deliver exactly their production one year to the next regardless of who else is on the team is foolish. In a situation in which Taylor Hall isn't the only player that teams need to key on to curb the team from scoring, the team as a whole will do better and so will Hall. Bringing in Johansson helps Taylor Hall, Palmieri, Henrique (assuming he's still part of the equation), Zacha, Hischier (if he makes it), etc. to all do better. It makes this team a lot harder to play against offensively. It's part of the reason that the A-Line struggled once Mogilny was gone. Having critical mass at forward is important and this team hasn't had it since Parise's departure.
  9. 2017 UFA Thread

    Shades of Alexandre Daigle and Patrick Stefan, no?
  10. 2017 UFA Thread

    We're not trying to recapture the glory of the Edmonton Oilers circa 2014, are we?
  11. HHOF Class of 2017

    LaFontaine played in a very different era than that in which Kariya played the majority of his career.
  12. The NJ Offseason Thread

    I'd be interested. Between the 1/2 draft pick thing and stealing a young UFA from them it'd make games between us and the Flyers interesting again since we're both bottom feeding teams still at the moment.
  13. Devils select Nico Hischier #1 overall in 2017 Draft

    Go on snipe hunts for the Jersey Devil?
  14. Hey you suck Nashville Version

    I'd say this was all taken from Cornell Big Red Hockey who've been doing all of these chants for far longer than the Chiefs, Preds or Devils. Back in 2001 when I was attending games at Lynah Rink at Cornell it was already a long time tradition to shout on all goals: "SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" then "YOU SUCK!" during the R&R pt2, and punctuated with "WE'RE GONNA BEAT THE HELL OUTTA YOU! F--K 'EM UP F--K 'EM UP! GO C-U!"
  15. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    To answer the question (because when you asked I got curious and looked it up), the only 2 NHL teams that have won the Stanley Cup that are not still in the city they originally won in are the Montreal Maroons (they went defunct due to the Great Depression in 1938) and the original Ottawa Senators (they are the only ones to have attempted moving, they moved to St Louis (Eagles) 1934 for a season and went defunct a year later). No modern NHL Stanley Cup winning team has ever moved out of their metropolitan area.