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  1. I would like back this year again and I am in favor of keepers but only starting next year because we didn't draft last year with that being a possibility.
  2. Also seems that Subban gives his time to this Children's Hospital and for that I applaud him.
  3. +1 Bruins to me got greedy on that deal, thinking they can turn almost anything into gold.
  4. Vontae Davis who is one of the best cover corners in the NFL was on Watkins like a blanket and Bills OC Greg Roman utilized his other weapons I look for Watkins to have a nice Week 2 Also Tyrod only threw 19 times that was a factor...Didn't need to chuck like Luck lol
  5. Thank you Buffalo defense for laying the smackdown on Andrew Luck...got a upset win this week!!!
  6. They projected me for a 8-4 record and they gave me a C+....what the heck Yahoo lol
  7. I think your team is better then you think. Loaded at WR, maybe issue with RB depth, QB combo is underrated
  8. I am sure Manta thought this was a Clown block....but allow me to introduce my 2016 keeper...ladies and gentleman...not sure if this is a Manta block or not....LOTCB selects....from Virginia Tech... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeKeKDhksCM QB Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo
  9. LOTCB is happy to select the #2 RB for the Buffalo Bills, RB Karlos Williams
  10. Ah yes as those succulent aromas that are off the GSP, NJ Turnpike, 78, 24, 22 or any other various NJ highway is any better
  11. Not falling for it anymore after taking my handicap!
  12. Glide me TE Kyle Rudolph MINN
  13. I have $truck a nerve!!!