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    When I first had any interest in hockey, it was when I was young and liked it because my big brothers did. I was a Rangers "fan" because my oldest brother was, and my other brother was a Devils fan. Years later when I actually started to care, I realized "hey, I live in New Jersey. I'm a Devils fan!" and thus, I renounced the Rangers and followed the Devils. When I started watching and caring, I hardly knew any players. I only knew huge names outside of the Devils. But now, years later, I know the entire team, prospects, and much more than just big names around the league. Provided I don't know every player around the league, but who does? I know enough. And so today I post before you a proud Devils fan. Although I go to school in Lawrenceville NJ, where Philly fans run amuck, I'm stand my ground and defend my Devils to the very death. Literal, no (to an extent), dramatic, yes.
  2. Flyers Sign Jagr

    I'll be blunt: I hate the Flyers. Can't stand them. I don't like the fact that I hate every Philadelphia team that exists, but I really really do, I can't help it. Now at first, I was excited about Jagr's return to the NHL, but I slowly became uninterested and realized he, in my opinion, won't be nearly as good in the NHL as he used to be. When I heard on TV he signed to the Flyers, my ears nearly popped off my head. I feel that the Flyers signed him because they wanted a veteran, or someone to make them seem bigger and badder. I don't think he'll fit in well though, he won't look good in orange anyway. For Jagr, he says he felt Philly was a good fit and all, but I, like many others, feel he signed for the extra million. As much as I despise Pittsburgh, he was meant to go back there. Now he's made an enemy of a whole lot of fans. Where I go to college, there are plenty of Philly fans. ( In Lawrenceville NJ ) Many of the friends I have there that are Flyers fans don't like this signing as much as I don't. These are the ones that actually love hockey. Others, like my roommate who says he is a huge hockey fan but only watches because the majority of friends do and because there is a Philly team, thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread because he's a huge name on the team. He didn't even know who Jagr was prior to the signing.
  3. Caps ink Vokoun

    I wish he would have stayed in Florida, I feel like they need him more than Washington does, but he made his choice. I still like him, regardless of where he is.
  4. Devils in Contract Talks With Larsson

    I hope he gets ice time this season, too. When the Devils made the pick, I was iffy, not of the choice but just of Larsson as himself. But I really warmed up and I like him a lot. I mean, the guy even looks like a Devil. We made a good choice; I feel like he belongs here and he'll make a great addition.
  5. Captain?

    I would absolutely love Elias to be captain again. I hated that my favorite skater had it for a season, then had it taken from him so quickly. However Elias said himself that he doesn't want the "C" again, since he's already been there. After Langenbrunner left, he said he thought Parise should be the new captain, and Elias seconded that. If the two of them agree, then so do I. I certainly wouldn't mind Zach as the new captain. He plays a strong game, of course, and could be even stronger in the locker room and in practices for all we know. There are a few names I wouldn't mind having the "C" as well, but Parise is at the top. There's also one skater I absolutely do not want to see with a "C", and that's Kovy. Now don't get me wrong - I like Kovy. But I don't see him as Captain material. He plays a strong game (when he wants to apparently. Some of my friends endearingly call him "Trollvalchuk" do to his occasional sloppy play and occasional superb play), but I cannot see him as having what it takes to be a captain. He's a great player, but he's no Scott Stevens. I'm even upset that he has an "A". I feel like they gave it to him because of how much the club went through to get him for so long and his reputation, rather than him earning it.