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  1. Devils Due

    Hey Devils Faithful, I'm one of the "bloggers" (is that a word?) at nj.com. (Wally) Thanks for the invite and the generally good reviews. We're just trying to have some fun and give a light-hearted spin on the Devs. I don't haunt forums to extensively, but I couldn't pass up a direct invite. Anyway, NJD Jester did you send an e-mail to the feedback about your upcoming book project? Or did you trade thoughts with Brian in another forum? The only reason I ask is that I never saw that correspondence. That being said, I'm familiar with your website and think your project is an interesting idea. I'm giving you the "Devils' Due Iron Clad" promise that we will mention the book this week. Don't be shy (you guys don't seem to be) let us know about topics you want to discuss in the Blog and we'll see if we can work them in. Thanks.