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  1. Official: Parise Signs 1-Year Deal

    Regarding Lou signing Parise I do believe up until he got rid of BR's contract which was what 5 mil a year and took on hunter saving 3mil he could not offer Parise a short term deal let alone a long term one. This signing give Lou sometime to make some more moves and dump some salary which he as stated that " We have more moves to make " this roster is far from finished he will tweak it a little more and by the looks of it he is setting this roster up to make a run . Good job by Lou and good for Parise to stay on board. How do we know Lou did not give hime this contract and tell Parise that he will give him what he wants long term just give him some time to move some stuff around.
  2. Official: Parise Signs 1-Year Deal

    Yes Lou traded a useless scrub/fighter in PL3 but as far as u saying he signed two others not true. Janssen when he plays and I still think he will only be in if Boulton is hurt or for teams with alot of toughness, He will bring a spark to a team. Look at Kovy for instance when he knows people have his back he plays harder almost with a mean streak. Janssen and Boulton add this. Boulton can skate and is a good defensive 4th line guy. He is very seldom out of postion and if you have watched him play he is always one of the first fowards back to help out the D. Boulton can hit he can fight and he also can get the puck deep and keep it there. If he can have chemsitry with his line mates like he did in Atlanta which seemed to have the best 4th line in the NHL then whats the problem with him I ask. I am a firm believer that every team needs some toughness and a guy that will stick up for his team. If that means fighting at the right time to give your team a spark or hard hit. Could be pissing the other teams stars off by getting in their face. When another team starts taking liberties on your star players and they will you will be glad Lou signed Boulton and Janssen
  3. Official: Parise Signs 1-Year Deal

    For everyone that says this is a bad thing. Everyone on these boards with an exception of a few was just saying that Lou was the man for getting rid of rolston. Now he has signed Parise for one year. A few things could happen here, The devils now have some cap space to get another player at the deadline if they need one which would show Parise that they are trying to win. The Devils may not be contender this year and if so Lou had the option of trading Parise which I do not thing would ever happen. Parise took the 6mil offer to avoid arbitration which he certianly would not have got. This shows commitment from Lou and the Devils and also shows that Parise is willing to work with Lou on a long term deal. The devils are in a much better situation cap wise next year and if anyone doesnt think Parise knows this is stupid. Parise will come out flying this year drive up his stock in the NHL and Lou will be forced to sign him to a long term deal during the season. Lou may not like to sign extensions during the season but Lou is not an idiot there is know way he lets this go to UFA. Look at the moves Lou had made so far in the off season. He got rid of PLL who sucked, Brought in Boulton and Janssen to toughen up the team. Dont even think of comparing these two tough guys to Peters, Peters was never the same once he got nailed for using steroids which was kept hush hush. I would take both Boulton and Janssen over Peters. Lou has now signed Parise yes for one year but he will sign a long term deal this year. So the Devils are starting to look pretty dam good right now. Oh and forgot to mention Lou brought in a coach that did an amazing job with Florida considering what he was given. Lets see what he can do with some superstars and a hall of fame goalie. For everyone that is saying Lou must go last time i checked he was the GM and has been for years and will be for years to come. So lets all leave Lou alone let him do his job which i am sure there is more people leaving before season starts would bet by the end of next week either some salary or two players are leaving for picks. I am excited for this season and really think the Devils can make a run for it this year. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, My eyes are burning from reading all the flaming post on Lou and how he has screwed up.
  4. Therrien is Plan B for Devils

    Not sure who the options are for a coach hitchcock is out there if i am not mistaken. Ted Nolan is out there not sure what everyones thoughts are on him. To fit in with the Devils and what they have built in the past years will need a defensive minded coach. Also need a coach that realizes that kovy need to be allowed to free wheel to be an effective player.
  5. Devils sign Eric Boulton

    Well I am for one new to this site and will be there for the home opener. Either Boulton or Janssen will be taking on Shelly thats if he is cleared to play. He is one punch away from retirement. He takes one more good shot on the button and he will be eating jello most of the season.
  6. Devils sign Eric Boulton

    I think you are right on this one Clarkson is not going anywhere with the signing of Boulton it free up Clarkson to play his game and not worry about having to fight. Yes fighting is a part of Clarkson's game but now he doesnt have to. Clarkson could be a 20 goal plus a year type of player. Should be fun to watch him this year when he has some back up when things get greasy.
  7. Devils sign Eric Boulton

    So why is it you dont like Boulton? The guy can play hockey, when he was in Buffalo he was strickly an enforcer. When he went to Atlanta he paid he dues and showed the coaches there he could play a regular shift and not be a liability on the ice. He has proven that he is a defensive player and can chip in offensivly. At one point last year he was a plus 11 on a team that wasnt doing very well. Once slater got hurt and the coach started messing with lines everything started going down hill. He is a good energy guy great leader and will do what ever the team asks of him and wont let other teams push around the skilled players. Anyone that thinks he cant fight looking at his fights last year with ernskine and calkner he always shows up. He doesnt always win by a landslide but he never loose bad either he has marathon fights. He will deffinatly help the Devils